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Gabby Petito Case: FBI Releases Final Statement on Investigation

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

After Gabby Petito’s initial disappearance in September 2021, her case is finally winding down. On Friday, the FBI has released its final statement on the investigation. According to the Denver office, the case will come to a close in the near future.

“All logical investigative steps have been concluded in this case,” said FBI Denver Division Special Agent in Charge Michael Schneider. “The investigation did not identify any other individuals other than Brian Laundrie directly involved in the tragic death of Gabby Petito.”

The FBI did not mention Brian Laundrie or his parents, Chris and Roberta, any further in their statement. Instead, they kept the focus on Gabby Petito and her surviving family members. The Bureau also expressed its appreciation for the involvement of the public. Throughout the investigation, many people shared Petito’s story through social media and submitted thousands of tips.

“The FBI’s primary focus throughout the investigation was to bring justice to Gabby and her family,” Schneider continued in the statement. “The public’s role in helping us in this endeavor was invaluable as the investigation was covered in the media around the world. On behalf of the FBI, I want to express my deepest appreciation to the public for the thousands of tips that were provided during the investigation, and to our local, state and federal law enforcement partners for their work throughout the investigation.” 

The FBI became heavily involved in Gabby Petito’s case when a search party gathered at Grand Teton National Park. It was there that they found her remains in a shallow grave. Following the discovery of Petito’s body, the FBI began the search for person of interest Brian Laundrie, who fled his Florida home. Search teams later found Laundrie’s remains in the Carlton Reserve.

Gabby Petito’s Family’s Lawyer Expresses Gratitude for FBI

On Thursday, the Petito family met with the FBI at the Tampa Field Office. Prior to the FBI’s last statement, Rick Stafford, who represents Gabby Petito’s family, released a statement. In it, they expressed their gratitude toward the Bureau for the support they provided. In particular, he mentioned the FBI’s Victim Services Department. Stafford added that they helped the family navigate “through the worst moments of their lives.”

“Gabby’s family would like to thank the Federal Bureau of Investigation, specifically the Wyoming, Denver, New York and Tampa offices, all of their task force members and their assisting agencies,” Stafford shared.

The statement continued, “We truly appreciate the FBI’s diligent and painstaking efforts in this extremely complicated case. The quality and quantity of the facts and information collected by the FBI leave no doubt the [sic] Brian Laundrie murdered Gabby.”

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie’s families have reportedly been in touch for the distribution of property.