Gabby Petito Case: FBI Reportedly Raids Brian Laundrie’s Family Home

by Kati Michelle

In the latest development in the Gabby Petito investigation, the FBI has reportedly executed a search warrant at the Laundrie residence in Florida. This comes after the North Port Police Department called off their search for person of interest, Brian Laundrie. The search initially involved the massive Floridian Carlton Reserve. Police and FBI teamed together to launch the search after Laundrie’s parents finally contacted them to reveal their son’s disappearance late last week. Although the parents noted Brian’s absence on Tuesday, they did not contact authorities until days later. The search at the Carlton Reserve lasted two days, but it seems things have taken yet another turn.

Possibility for New Evidence in the Gabby Petito Case

Sunday, the FBI revealed the discovery of a body in a remote area of Grand Teton Park. This is the same area where missing hiker Gabby Petito was last seen. The lead actually came from a YouTube vlogger family who happened to catch footage of Gabby’s van without realizing it. Upon reviewing their footage to edit their video, they immediately sent the footage to the authorities.

FBI at the scene initially released a statement saying that the body shared characteristics with Gabby, and it was later confirmed to be her by the North Port Police Department. Officials launched an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death, and we are awaiting results.

In other developments, officials now have access to cell phone data from both Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie. This could prove to be incredibly telling of the events that actually occurred at Grand Teton Park.

Brian Entin is a correspondent for News Nation Now. He reported from the scene of the Laundrie residence Monday morning and confirmed at least 15 FBI agents present within the home, speaking to Brian Laundrie’s parents.

Person of Interest or Suspect?

Now, the entire case of Gabby Petito’s disappearance garnered national attention and media coverage for its bizarre details. People want to know why Brian Laundrie left Gabby Petito alone in the first place. They also want to know why his parents refused to work with officials or cooperate with the investigation in its crucial first few weeks. It seems the FBI is forcing their hand in the hopes to finally piece together the confusing puzzle.

Another confusing aspect remains, however. Officials have yet to classify Brian Laundrie as an official suspect. As it stands, he is still classified as a “person of interest.” With the fast-paced developments we’ve seen in the past 24hrs, this might change.

While scammers looking to profit from the tragedy continue their cons for a quick buck, and misinformation continues to spread like wildfire, we are on a mission to bring you the latest fact-checked updates. We will roll them out as they come and can’t thank our Outsiders enough for the honest, kind community we’ve built together.