Gabby Petito Case: FBI Searches Laundrie RV Camper, Reportedly Removes Evidence

by Kati Michelle

Although the investigation into Gabby Petito’s homicide and the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie seemed to stall for a little while, the FBI might have a new lead. The morning of Thursday, September 30th they paid the Laundrie family residence in North Port, Florida another visit. Here’s what happened.

Could the Laundrie Family Camper Hold Clues About Brian’s Whereabouts?

Thursday marked the FBI’s third notable visit to the Laundrie house. This followed an initial visit regarding Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts, where it was discovered he disappeared. More recently, a second notable visit involved their collection of items belonging to Brian for “routine” DNA matching. Allegedly, this visit had the same goal.

A black Tahoe pulled up to the residence and two agents exited the vehicle. They made their way to the Laundrie’s front door with a large paper bag in one of their hands. It appeared to be full. After a few moments inside, the agents came out to search their camper. The agents wore gloves in their search and appeared to find something of interest.

News Nation Now correspondent Brian Entin captured the whole encounter on video. He admits, however, that it all happened too quick to see exactly what the FBI pulled from the camper. The agents would not acknowledge the press, most likely for the integrity of the investigation. They took off with whatever it is they found. Take a look for yourself here:

As Gabby Petito Case Unfolds, Laundrie Family Lawyer Issues Another Statement

Steven Bertolino is the controversial family attorney of the Laundries. He joined the case upon Brian Laundrie’s return to Florida without Gabby Petito. While he normally goes days without addressing pressing media and public concerns, it seems he may be changing that strategy. Within minutes of the FBI leaving the Laundrie family’s house Thursday, Steven Bertolino issued a statement regarding their visit. It reads as follows:

“The FBI is at the Laundrie home today to collect some personal items belonging to Brian that will assist the canines in their search for Brian. There is nothing more to this.”

Now, the statement does not go into any further detail. It’s unclear whether the lawyer is referencing the search for Brian at the Carlton Reserve, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s search at the De Soto campgrounds, or both. Brian was reported missing 13 days ago on the 17th, though his parents say they haven’t seen him since the 14th.

If you want to catch the tweet, look no further: