Gabby Petito Case: Fight Breaks Out Between Neighbor and Protestors in Front of Laundrie Family Home

by Amy Myers

Ever since the search for Brian Laundrie commenced, media personnel, spectators and mourners have lined his and Gabby Petito’s neighborhoods. While this certainly puts pressure on the families to cooperate with the investigation, it also has put neighbors on edge. The two homes are fairly far apart, as Petito’s hometown is on Long Island while Laundrie’s is in Florida. Nonetheless, people have come from far and wide to stake out the streets in case any new developments occur. In the meantime, though, the only notable change is the growing tension between homeowners and extended visitors.

This conflict came to its boiling point earlier today when a bystander allegedly stepped on Brian Laundrie’s neighbor’s lawn. According to the bystander, the homeowner then “assaulted” him while trying to force him to leave the property. The man, dressed in a red T-shirt and blue ball cap, came after the spectator and presumably his wife, screaming a slew of profanities in their faces. Immediately, the spectator opened the camera on his phone and recorded the heated interaction. The couple each held a megaphone, as well as a clipboard. While it is unknown what exactly the two were doing in the neighborhood, it seems from their exchange with the neighbor that the two were conducting a protest against Brian Laundrie’s family.

Watch a clip of the interaction here.

“You ain’t no f— sleuths,” the neighbor called to the couple. “You can sit here all you want with your megaphone and I don’t care. But you come on my f— property, I’m gonna kick your a—.”

Meanwhile, the man with the clipboard repeatedly told him, “You’re going to prison.”

Fight Between Neighbor and Spectators Follows Memorials Placed on Brian Laundrie’s Lawn

Brian Laundrie’s neighbor then pulls up images on his own phone, asking if it was in fact the couple on his property. Once the man’s wife tries to address the neighbor, he quickly interrupts, telling her “Shut up b—.”

“You have a violent problem, sir,” she said, as her husband promised to press charges. The neighbor began to return to his property, however, the couple continued to follow him.

“If you want to sit there and support the Laundries then shame on you, too,” the spectator said.

The explosive incident occurred just after supporters of Gabby Petito flooded Brian Laundrie’s lawn with flowers and memorials for the deceased 22-year-old. As a result, the North Port community created a memorial of their own to encourage supporters to place any future tributes at city hall, however, many still opted to place the items in front of the Laundries’ home to send a message to the family.

It seems that until police apprehend Brian Laundrie, the tension between locals and Gabby Petito supporters will continue to grow.