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Gabby Petito Case: Florida Attorney Speaks Out on Brian Laundrie’s Parents, Chances They are Arrested

by John Jamison
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Plenty of questions remain unanswered in the Gabby Petito case. And now that the FBI has issued a federal arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie, there are even more. Many are wondering where Brian Laundrie’s parents stand in connection to the case. Could they be arrested?

Remains consistent with Gabby Petito were found in Grand Teton National Park last weekend. An autopsy completed in Wyoming Tuesday showed signs of homicide. This determination doesn’t automatically implicate Brian Laundrie in her murder. But now that he is officially wanted, the whole dynamic has changed.

Brian Laundrie’s parents still haven’t done anything wrong in the eyes of the law. Of course, that could all change at any moment. But for the time being, Brian Laundrie’s parents are in the clear. A Florida attorney talked to Fox News about the position in which the Laundries find themselves. He spoke on whether they could be arrested or not.

“If the parents lawyered up very early on and they haven’t really made any statements other than to friends prior to this becoming an investigation [into] Brian Laundrie, then it may be kind of tricky. It may be difficult because I’m not sure what crime they committed,” said Florida Attorney Ajay Pallegar. “It sounds like they spoke to an attorney. And the attorney advised them very early on what to do very early on because there could be some sort of foul play going on. … It’s really hard to tell given the limited amount of information out there.”

Brian Laundrie’s parents told the police that they haven’t seen their son since September 14.

Gabby Petito’s Uncle Took Issue With Laundrie Famly Attorney

Legally, the Laundries may be in the clear. But those close to Gabby Petito have been making their voices heard. Specifically, Gabby’s uncle. Steven Petito had strong words for the law firm representing the Laundrie family.

This week, Laundrie family’s attorney Steven Bertolino said the “family is definitely concerned but we don’t want to speculate as to anything more.”

Steven Petito hasn’t taken kindly to the updates from the Laundrie camp.

“As far as the law is concerned this law firm may be immune due to attorney/client privilege. But in the eyes of the public you are as guilty and complicit with this massive cover-up and stalling tactic,” Steven Petito’s Tuesday Instagram post read.

“We don’t require nor want [your] empathy. By you trying to show compassion here at this moment is beyond disgusting,” Gabby Petito’s uncle said after his niece’s death was officially ruled a homicide.

Florida attorney Ajay Pallegar said it was still too early to determine if Brian Laundrie’s parents have committed any crimes.

“There has to be an analysis of the crime in order for an arrest to potentially be made,” he said.

FBI Issues Arrest Warrant for Brian Laundrie

Thursday afternoon, the FBI issued a warrant for Brian Laundrie’s arrest.

“While this warrant allows law enforcement to arrest Mr. Laundrie, the FBI and our partners across the country continue to investigate the facts and circumstances of Ms. Petito’s homicide,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Schneider.