Gabby Petito Case: Forensic Pathologist Calls FBI’s Decision to Hold Her Remains ‘Very Unusual’

by Kati Michelle

Officials discovered human remains in a very remote part of the Grand Teton National Park of Wyoming weeks ago, back on September 19th. Authorities then announced that the body’s description matched that of missing Gabby Petito. Around this time, the officials reached out to Gabby’s family in order to ask for their help in confirming the identity match. Her stepfather recently spoke out about the tragic process in a talk with Dr. Phil.

Officials then performed an autopsy which fell under standard procedure given the circumstances of Gabby’s prior inexplicable disappearance. Days later they released a statement that homicide, unfortunately, stood out as the root cause of her death. Still, authorities chose to withhold all other details surrounding the death including its official date, time, and more specific nature.

Actually, they also chose to hold onto her body. As of now, it seems that the Petito family has yet to receive her remains to finally put Gabby to rest. At least this is what the family self-reported at their latest press conference. Now, a forensic pathologist joins the wide array of experts speaking out about the case. Based on his previous experiences within the field, he says the FBI’s decision to hold her remains is “very unusual.”

The Gabby Petito case continues to draw in opinions from across the globe regarding its handling. Although the general court of public opinion remains prominent, experts are also weighing in on the matter. Since the filing of her missing persons report on September 11th, we’ve heard from the likes of ex-Fed Prosecutors, K9 Search Experts, Sheriffs, and Victim Rights Advocates. Most recently, Dr. Michael Baden voiced his opinions while sitting down with Fox.

Dr. Michael Baden’s Experience

Baden holds an impressive resume as the prior chief medical examiner in New York City and the chief forensic pathologist for the same state’s police. He also finds a role in the ongoing investigation surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death as well as other high-profile cases. He certainly doesn’t lack in experience, also serving as the chairman of the House Select Committee on Assassinations Forensic Pathology Panel in the past.

The Former New York Expert Weighs In On the Gabby Petito Investigation

Baden explains that in this day and age, an autopsy should have produced complete results within the span of just a couple of days. Moreover, records should have captured ample evidence against whatever cause of death came about from their initial findings. Hence, no reason to hold onto the body.

“I think the FBI would be very cautious about things because they don’t want to make a mistake,” he relays. “Whatever reasons they’re withholding, it is very unusual.”

He also finds it strange that officials even labeled it a homicide publicly before the cause of death. This actually deviates from the investigational norm. Although he holds no direct ties to the investigation, he does have an inkling that officials know more than they are letting on. This matches what most other experts continue to comment about the case.

At the end of the day, he offers up another conjecture.

“What they’re saying is, whatever they found, they’ve ruled out accidents, suicides, or natural deaths that could cause it.”