Gabby Petito Case: Former Homicide Detective Explains How Brian Laundrie’s Parents Could Face Charges Over Information

by Courtney Blackann

One of the biggest questions in the Gabby Petito case is about what’s not being said. That is, whether Roberta and Chris Laundrie, parents of Brian Laundrie, could face charges for anything. Following their silence in the case, people want to know. One former investigator believes there is a potential for charges. But it has to be provable, he says.

Former D.C.-based detective Ted Williams spoke with Fox News about Brian Laundrie’s parents. Since her missing person’s report, filed by Petito’s family on Sept. 11, all members of the Laundrie family have stayed silent. This has outraged the general public. Internet sleuths are sure the family has something to hide. However, Detective Williams said they are within their rights.

Williams also says, however, if it’s provable that the Laundries’ were withholding information about Petito’s whereabouts – or any other information regarding her case – they could face charges for falsifying information. Or they could face charges as accessories to a crime. This is depending on what investigators uncover in Petito’s homicide.

Brian Laundrie’s Family Stays Quiet

The Laundrie family hired Long Island-based attorney Steven Bertolino after Petito went missing. Both Roberta and Chris Laundrie, with Brian Laundrie, did not assist police by giving a statement. Shortly after this, Brian Laundrie went missing, though his parents did not report this for three days (from the last time they saw him).

Shortly after Petito’s remains were found, the FBI and North Port police obtained a search warrant for the Landrie’s home. They searched the property for hours. Further, investigators spent time collecting electronic information. Witnesses also saw authorities towing Brian’s car from the driveway.

Additionally, police officials also escorted both of the Laundries off the premises. It’s unclear if the two gave any statements to the FBI at that time.

After the home search, the Laundries were scheduled to hold a press conference. However, the family called off the conference last minute, leaving the public wondering why.

Since then, they’ve given no statements about the case, other than to say, “May Gabby rest in peace.” The Laundries family attorney Steven Bertolino sent the statement via text message.

Despite Petito’s family’s request for the Laundrie’s help, they say no one from the family has responded. Some members of Petito’s family are even calling the Laundries “complicit” in her disappearance.

Gabby Petito Investigation

The investigation into Gabby Petito’s homicide is under investigation. Brian Laundrie has been missing more than a week, with search efforts turning up nothing. At this time, authorities haven’t charged Brian Laundrie with a crime, other than unlawful use of a credit card.

Gabby Petito’s family are doing their best to lay their daughter to rest. Thousands have flooded their docial media pages offering support and sharing mementos at a North Port memorial set up for the 22-year-old.