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Gabby Petito Case: Human Remains Found Identified as Brian Laundrie

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Dylan Bouscher/MediaNews Group/East Bay Times via Getty Images)

Following Gabby Petito’s disappearance, Brian Laundrie evaded police. Instead of reporting her missing, he allegedly drove back East without Petito in the van she owned. He supposedly arrived at his parent’s house in Florida around the first week of September. Here, neighbors observed him proceeding as usual– mowing the lawn and riding his bike.

Shortly thereafter, news emerged of Gabby Petito’s death. Initial autopsy results confirmed it a homicide, with later updates revealing manual strangulation as the cause of death. By then, however, Brian Laundrie was already gone. While his parents noted his absence from their house on September 13th, they chose to withhold that information from the public and police. In fact, they waited until the 17th to contact authorities. From then, the FBI got involved, labeling their house a “crime scene.”

The only lead authorities initially received in his whereabouts came from his parents. They told authorities Brian last said to them he was headed for a hike at the Carlton Reserve. Eventually, they found a note on his car that allegedly came from Brian himself. It asked his parents to return his car home without further detail. Police promptly launched a full Search and Rescue team of the Reserve starting the weekend of September 18th.

The search of the Carlton Reserve proved to be grueling. Its swampy terrain mixed with various dangers made things especially difficult. During this search, police also continued to investigate multiple alleged sightings of Laundrie in various parts of the country. That search came to an end yesterday, October 20. Officials spotted human remains in the Carlton Reserve, which the FBI has confirmed are those of Brian Laundrie.

Where Was Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend, Brian Laundrie?

According to the FBI, officials searching the Florida Reserve spotted two bags of Laundrie’s in an area that was previously underwater. The unidentified human remains were nearby. This comes after weeks of speculation surrounding his whereabouts. Police initially found no evidence in the Florida region that a trail cam was thought to have captured him in. Officials also failed to corroborate any of the multiple Alabama Laundrie “spottings.” The public now knows he was in the Carlton Reserve the whole time.

His death complicates the case of Gabby Petito further. He may have held secrets that cannot be otherwise unlocked. This is heartbreaking news and pivots the officials’ focus for a moment. These breaking developments require that the police launch another autopsy. Officials have not yet confirmed Laundrie’s cause of death, however. The public waits for an official statement in the meantime.

As the public awaits more answers, Outsider is here to keep you in the loop. We are closely following this case. We will continue sharing new, fact-checked information as it comes to light. In the meantime, we continue to send our thoughts to the entire Petito family.