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Gabby Petito Case: Internet Sleuths Claim Tourist’s Video Showed Her ‘Holding Hands’ With Brian Laundrie at Zion National Park

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

The reach of Gabby Petito’s case goes far beyond her communities in New York and Florida. In fact, the case has attracted the attention of criminal justice professionals, media, and internet sleuths alike. In this digital age and with Gabby’s dreams of becoming a top “van life” vlogger, onlookers continue combing through her public profiles in the hopes that they may contain a sliver of information leading to the discovery of Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts.

While some are quick to discredit the entirety of the “internet sleuth” community, it’s worth noting what they’ve done for the case so far. In the days following the filing of Gabby Petito’s Official Missing Persons report, a YouTuber family recognized her van in the background of their footage during their routine editing session. This tip ultimately led officials to find her body near the exact scene from the video lead.

Now, a newly surfaced video from a tourist at Zion National Park seems to capture the couple holding hands weeks before her homicide.

One of the Last Times the Couple Were Seen in Public Together

Dr. Blue, the official coroner on the case, stated that a death certificate would not be filed with an exact date for Gabby Petito. Because her body was left in the elements for weeks leading up to its discovery, an exact time of death is hard to pronounce. However, Dr. Blue is confident that her homicide likely happened between August 22nd and 29th.

This newly surfacing video falls around 5 weeks before her death. It shows the back of two hikers who very much resemble the couple. They hold hands as they cross a river at Zion National Park. The suspected Brian Laundrie carries a large hiking backpack.

While there’s nothing alarming in the video, there are a couple of takeaways. It means more people might have captured the couple in the back of their own trip’s pictures and videos. It also shows more clothing and a backpack that might still be associated with Brian. So, it’s something to keep an eye on.

Former FBI Agents have discussed at length that this is generally how investigations go. Some people start coming forward with their own information and describe their own encounters with people involved in the case. This sends the message to other people that it’s safe to do the same. Eventually, one of these tips leads to the apprehending of the person of interest.

You can click here to see stills from the video.

The First Official Gabby Petito Foundation Fundraiser Happens Today

Weeks after officials found her remains at the Grand Teton Spread Creek Dispersed Campsite, Gabby Petito is finally reunited with her family. They traveled to Wyoming together to collect her ashes and photos surfaced of the heartbreaking situation. This immediately received critique online.

The family is hosting their first fundraiser for the Foundation they started in her name today.

Here are those details: