Gabby Petito Case: Internet Sleuths Point Out Possible Warning Signs From Her Social Media Posts

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

With so many unknowns still remaining in the Gabby Petito case, many have taken to her and Brian Laundrie’s history for clues. In doing so, Internet sleuths may have identified some potential warning signs from her previous social media posts.

While none of Gabby Petito’s social media posts seemed out of the ordinary, people have really started digging into them and think they’ve found potential warning signs. In fact, they think these served as clues she was afraid of Laundrie, The Sun reports.

One thing people suspect is Gabby was coding her messages. For instance, she posted lyrics from Blue (Da Ba Dee), as well as frequently writing about the color blue. Some think she was saying she was constantly sad. Another clue was the books both she and Laundrie were reading. Petito was reading Fight Club and something about the Zodiac killer days before she was found dead. Meanwhile, Laundrie flaunted reading about violent books during the couple’s trip.

Brian also apparently loved hiking barefoot, which Petito posted about. Her posts suggest she didn’t mind it and even thought it was funny, but when talking to police, Brian said one of their fights was sparked by him entering their van with dirty feet. Additionally, a few months before her death, Petito often shared Pinterest posts about mental health.

One post, in particular, stands out, as Gabby shared her interest in the Morbid podcast alongside a pic of her with Laundrie and a knife emoji. The final clues deal with her final Instagram posts and butterfly interest. Some users state butterflies signal domestic abuse and suggest she was enduring it as well.

Though fascinating, it should be noted everything listed here is pure speculation.

Internet Detectives Also Claim Gabby Petito Cited Eminem Song as Codeword for Danger

This isn’t the first time Internet detectives have looked at social media posts Gabby Petito made looking for clues. Back in late September, they claimed she used an Eminem song to signal she was in danger.

When the FBI released the last text Gabby sent from her phone, it contained the name “Stan.” She sent the text on August 27, saying “can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls.” That name is actually a codeword used for danger, leading people to believe the text was a call for help.

Complicating matters is the fact Gabby’s grandfather’s name is in fact, Stan. It may appear harmless and that Gabby is talking about him, but her mother thought differently. She noted the text was “odd,” and that she never refers to him by that name. Odder still is Gabby’s phone was turned off later that day. Once again, this is purely conjecture.