Gabby Petito Case: K9 Search Expert Joins Dog the Bounty Hunter, Believes He’s on the Right Trail

by Quentin Blount

It looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter will be joined by, well, more dogs. Dog is teaming up with a K9 unit to help him sniff around for a fugitive connected to Gabby Petito.

Michael Hadsell is the president of Peace River K9 Search and Rescue. He brought his K9 team in to help with the search for 23-year-old Brian Laundrie. Laundrie has seemingly disappeared after the body of his fiancee, Gabby Petito, was found at a Wyoming campground.

Hadsell explained to WSNN-TV News that he wasn’t exactly sold that they would find anything at first. But that tone quickly changed.

“I wasn’t a big believer in the Fort De Soto when it first started,” he admitted. “But after working out there, yesterday, I’m like, ‘Wow, we may be really into something.'”

The leader of the K9 unit went into a little bit of detail about one of the leads they had. He said that it’s possible that Laundrie has been kayaking around the Florida park at the mouth of Tampa Bay. It’s a huge 1,136-acre oasis that contains five interconnected islands.

“We did find some campsites. We did find some evidence of kayaks near the campsites so it is possible that Brian’s out there.”

Multiple Dogs Searching for Fugitive in Gabby Petito Case

The Peace River K9 Search and Rescue team teamed up with Dog the Bounty Hunter this week as the search for Laundrie continues to heat up. Hadsell and his K9 unit, along with Dog and his team, took a boat out to multiple islands based on tips from the public.

“And we can circle these smaller islands, if there is any human odor being produced from the island, the dogs will alert, and then we’ll send teams to go check it out.”

But it hasn’t been all that simple. Since the family hasn’t provided law enforcement with anything with Brian’s scent on it, it has complicated things.

“The parents as you know are being uncooperative,” Hadsell said. “So, we don’t have any scent articles or anything from Brian to be able to use it as a target odor for our dogs to work on,” Hadsell explained. “so, we do what we call, ‘general human scent.'”

However, the Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino, continues to shoot down any idea that Brian Laundrie’s parents helped him skip town.

“The speculation by the public and some in the press that the parents assisted Brian in leaving the family home or in avoiding arrest on a warrant that was issued after Brian had already been missing for several days is just wrong.”

No one really knows whether Laundrie’s parents helped him escape or not. But in the end, one thing is very clear: things keep getting more and more complicated by the day.