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Gabby Petito Case: Laundrie Lawyer Says Parents Don’t Know Why Brian Fled

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Thomas O'Neill/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The day Brian Laundrie left this parents’ Florida home he just seemed “off” and “out of sorts,” the Laundrie family attorney said. Days earlier, the parents of Gabby Petito reported her missing, but whether that factored into his upset mood, his parents say they don’t know.

Brian Laundrie left to go for a hike on Sept. 13 and never returned. His parents, their attorney Steve Bertolino said, tried but couldn’t stop him. Brian was acting strangely and “grieving,” he said. His parents say they don’t know why.

“You just don’t know what someone is thinking inside,” Bertolino quoted Roberta Laundrie saying to TMZ. “(Brian’s parents) are looking back, trying to determine how his disposition was that day …”

Bertolino said that Brian and his parents didn’t have a “conversation as to the specifics” of why he was upset. Though, the lawyer said he does not know what Brian may or may not have told them.

“But we know the result,” he said. “Brian is no longer with us is neither is Gabby, and it’s just a tragic situation for both families.”

The FBI didn’t discover the body of Gabby Petito until Sept. 19, nearly a week after Brian left. Someone had strangled her and buried her a shallow grave in a Wyoming national park. Laundrie was never named a suspect in the death, though investigators wanted to question him.

The FBI found Brian Laundrie’s body last week at Carlton Reserve. They were able to identify him through dental records, but coroners weren’t able to determine a cause of death because his body had decomposed. Investigators sent his bones to an anthropologist for further analysis, TMZ reported.

Brian Laundrie’s death leaves open so many questions in the case. Though, detectives and FBI agents hope that a journal found near Laundrie’s body will provide some answers. Water and the elements damaged the book, but investigators are trying to salvage it, Bertolino said.

Family of Brian Laundrie Will Not Hold Funeral for Their Son

Thousands turned up for memorial services held around the country for Gabby Petito. But the family of Brian Laundrie hopes no one turns up to their private service. In fact, they don’t plan to have any funeral for their son, WFLA reported. They plan to cremate him to avoid any public event where protestors could show up.

Since police found the body of Brian Laundrie at Carlton Reserve on Thursday, the constant collection of protestors outside of the Laundrie home has started to dissipate. Though there is still a handful that turns up day after day, but the numbers are dwindling, Bertolino told TMZ.

Bertolino said the Laundrie family is “grieving in private” and doesn’t need “this witch hunt” to continue.

“If they haven’t gone home already, they should go home,” Bertolino told WFLA. “This protesting. This witch hunt. This mob-style crucifixion of Chris and Roberta is just wrong. Enough is enough.”