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Gabby Petito Case: Laundrie Neighbor Speaks Out About Brian’s ‘Normal’ Life After Returning Home Without Her

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

Tuesday afternoon saw autopsy confirmation that the human remains found in Teton-Bridger National Forest, Wyoming Sunday did in fact belong to the missing 22-year-old, Gabby Petito. Further, preliminary reports rule that the woman died due to homicide, her boyfriend Brian Laundrie still a person of interest.

Now, as her death has officially been confirmed, Laundrie remains missing. In response, the Laundrie’s neighbors have spoken out about the missing person of interest, his family, and his unsettling “normal” life post-Gabby.

More than anything, Laundrie’s neighbors, and Americans throughout the country, remain angered by 23-year-old’s actions after Gabby went missing. Many have expressed intense frustration at his parents’ decision to remain silent until their son went missing.

One of those neighbors, Charlene Guthrie, lives across the street from the Laundrie residence. In her initial reaction, which she shared with Fox News Digital, she said, “I’m really upset now because…[the Laundries] should have absolutely come forward.” She added that was angered and remains in disbelief that the young man’s parents “didn’t do something” and completely “let [Petito’s case] go.”

However, even more noteworthy, Guthrie shared how strangely “natural” things were once Laundrie returned home without Gabby. “[E]verything was so natural and they remained so normal through the whole thing…while they were here,” until Laundrie went missing.

The woman then listed some of the “natural” things Laundrie and his parents took part in once he returned home. “He mowed the lawn. Him and his mother went for a bicycle ride around the block…everything was just normal life once he came back.”

“[I]t seemed like nothing bothered him,” the woman continued. “How can you do that?”

Brian Laundrie Remains a Person of Interest

Witnesses continue to call in about Gabby Petito’s case. However, many believe Brian Laundrie’s status should increase from person of interest to potential suspect. The Laundrie’s neighbor, Guthrie, confirmed the sentiment, stating, “Brian should be a suspect.”

She expanded, saying Petito’s death by homicide and her boyfriend’s disappearance earlier this month look “really, really bad for him.”

Additionally, those following Petito’s case and the search for Laundrie have voiced their opinions about the young man across social media. Many believe Laundrie to be responsible for the young woman’s death in one way or another.

Authorities’ latest search for Brian Laundrie in the Carlton Reserves and its surrounding area have again turned up nothing. Search efforts concluded Tuesday evening. Now, as Laundrie has been missing for over a week, the FBI and North Port Police Department buckled down in their search for information regarding Gabby’s case. Additionally, they encourage reports of any sighting or knowledge surrounding the location of Brian Laundrie.

FBI’s Special Agent in Charge, Michael Schneider said, “Anyone with information concerning Mr. Laundrie’s role in this matter or his current whereabouts should contact the FBI.

Further, North Port law enforcement, after publicly concluding their search via Twitter yesterday evening, stated, “The current plan is to return Wednesday with a similar operation. We join the FBI in asking for continued public assistance by sharing any info.”

As the search for Brian Laundrie continues, his face has become infamous across social media. Those with any information should report any findings.