Gabby Petito Case: Montana Tourist Claims He Saw Brian Laundrie at Yellowstone Bar Before Disappearance

by John Jamison

Another day has gone by, and there’s still no sign of Brian Laundrie. What we do have, however, are ever-increasing reports of exchanges folks had with the person law enforcement believe to be one of the last to see Gabby Petito alive.

One such interaction seemingly occurred at a bar in West Yellowstone, just 120 miles from where Petito’s body was discovered. A Montana tourist reported a strange interaction he and his companions had with a man matching Laundrie’s description at Bullwinkle’s Saloon.

The night was August 26. Louisiana native Hunter Mannies and his friend were chatting with a couple at the Montana watering hole when they noticed a hooded man at the end of the bar.

Mannies talked to the New York Post about the interaction.

“He was just mad at the world it seemed like. I didn’t pay attention to him other than that he and this other couple were the only ones in there,” the 44-year old tourist said.

Mannies and his friend got to talking with the other couple.

“The convo got into hunting and guns and politics. The guy just looked mad and then at some lull in the conversation, he said, ‘Stupid southerners and f***ing Republicans,'” Mannies continued. “I kind of laughed and said, ‘Well, where are you from?’ and he said, ‘New York.’ And I said, ‘Okay, New York’ and he said, ‘I have a name, it’s Brian.'”

Brian From the Bar Was the Same Person in Moab City Police Body Cam Footage With Gabby Petito, Says Hunter Mannies

Coincidence? Mannies doesn’t think so. He described the rest of the interaction to the New York Post, citing Brian’s strange behavior. He added that the man he saw in the Moab bodycam footage of Gabby Petito and her fiance was the same as the one in Bullwinkle’s Saloon that night.

The information Mannies provided is undoubtedly helpful to law enforcement. But it doesn’t necessarily help the current search for Brian Laundrie. After all, the exchange happened before Laundrie reportedly went home to Florida.

Although, this possible Brian Laundrie sighting happened a day before Gabby Petito was last seen alive at a Jackson Hole restaurant on the 27th. That’s an interesting bit of information, to say the least.

Big Reward Offered For Up to Date Information Regarding Whereabouts of Brian Laundrie

Meanwhile, the search for Brian Laundrie continues in earnest. Law enforcement has exhausted its investigation of the swampy reserve in Florida, where they initially suspected Laundrie of taking refuge. Now, law enforcement is looking for any help it can get as the search expands in scope.

According to the New York Post, concerned citizens and agencies have contributed to a fund promising $30k to anyone with information about Laundrie’s whereabouts.