Gabby Petito Case: Nancy Grace Brings Up Point About Wyoming Elements Causing Issues with Determining Cause of Death

by Jonathan Howard

Details keep coming out surrounding the Gabby Petito case. Nancy Grace joined TMZ Live to talk about the details including the cause of death. While there has not been an official cause of death released, Grace talked about the difficulties authorities might be facing.

Among the possible obstacles in getting a cause of death, the Wyoming wildlife. Not only that but there are also the weather conditions that could have had an effect on the remains that authorities recovered. While speaking with TMZ, the HLN host expressed doubt that the autopsy would determine a cause of death.

Authorities apparently ID’d Petito’s tattoos, which offers a hope that the autopsy will be successful. Nancy Grace does have a theory of her own regarding the coroner’s examination. She points towards the wildlife and weather conditions as the two biggest issues. However, she expressed hope that Gabby’s body could be found as intact as possible.

The FBI has said the remains they found match the description of Petito. Since they were able to identify the tattoos, Grace believes there is a good chance that the authorities have enough to work with.

During her time with TMZ, Nancy also discussed the possibilities surrounding Gabby Petito’s disappearance and potential death. She also mentioned exactly why she thinks that Brian Laundrie has not been named a suspect at this point. He is currently a “person of interest.” A trail cam might have captured Laundrie traveling through the woods in Baker, Florida.

Gabby Petito Family Waits, Attorney Says, ‘Time to Grieve’

It came out earlier today that the family of Gabby Petito was taking, “time to grieve,” before speaking with the media again. Their family attorney released a statement on the matter. Currently, everyone is waiting for the remains to be positively identified.

“I want to personally thank the press and news media for giving the Petito and Schmidt family time to grieve,” the attorney said, “We will be making a statement when Gabby is home. I will contract you to arrange a time and location.”

The whole country waits with bated breath. The timeline of events is still being put together. At this point in time, it is just a waiting game. Law enforcement authorities have to do their job. Collecting all the evidence and making sure it is done right. Once the case has been made, then there will be plenty revealed. As long as Laundrie is still missing, there is going to be a missing piece to the puzzle. Authorities are still looking for the person of interest.

It was also revealed today that the Laundrie family had canceled a press conference scheduled for today. There is no timeline on when they will be speaking with the media.