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Gabby Petito Case: Nancy Grace Doesn’t Expect Parents of Brian Laundrie to Face Charges

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

The world is still reeling from the fact that Brian Laundrie, boyfriend of the murdered Gabby Petito, is dead. People want answers now more than ever, but they may never get them now that the authorities have discovered Laundrie’s body.

So, in their quest for a resolution to this case, many people have turned to Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta. They wonder if the parents deserve to be analyzed more critically — and criminally — for their involvement in Brian’s disappearance.

But Fox legal analyst Nancy Grace thinks there’s a higher chance that the parents will not, in fact, be prosecuted. Grace spoke to Fox News earlier about Gabby Petito’s boyfriend being discovered just hours after his parents joined the search. While it’s highly coincidental that the authorities discovered a few of his belongings and partial human remains near the items on Oct. 20, Grace doesn’t think the Laundries’ planted the items.

“If you follow that thinking that they planted those items, it doesn’t make sense. A logical conclusion would be they planted the body too. That did not happen,” Grace insisted.

“I would be more concerned, if I were them, about aiding, abetting, and encouraging him hiding out from police and not revealing the truth,” she continued. “Here’s the fly in the ointment: Unless they did an overt act, they will never be prosecuted.”

An overt act, per Cornell Law, is “an open act that shows an intention to commit a crime.” A charge like that would need hard evidence to back it up. It’s already going to be difficult to prove who killed Gabby Petito via manual strangulation. Proving that the Laundries were actively involved would likely be even more difficult.

Nancy Grace Says There Will ‘Never Be Justice for Gabby Petito’

During her segment on Fox News, legal analyst Nancy Grace also discussed the likelihood that there will be “justice for Gabby Petito” now that Brian Laundrie’s dead.

“Well, I’ve gotta tell you, there’s not gonna be justice for Gabby,” Grace said. “This will never be in a court of law. And we will never know exactly what happened to her unless there are enough forensic details from her body, such as his skin cells under her nails. Something to tell us exactly what happened.”

But Grace vehemently believes that Laundrie didn’t just kill her, but planned it too.

“We may never know those answers, but this is what we do know. We believe Brian Laundrie murdered her, and I mean murder!” Grace exclaimed. “The time it takes to throttle somebody dead, as you’re looking directly into their face, that’s premeditation. So I know she was murdered, and I believe Laundrie did it. How and why, we’ll never know.”