Gabby Petito Case: New Bodycam Video Gives New Details on Petito and Brian Laundrie’s Utah Altercation

by Matthew Memrick

The new bodycam video sheds new light on Gabby Petito’s Utah altercation with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie.

Another police officer’s bodycam video revealed the conversation between Petito and the boyfriend. 

On Aug. 12, Petito told a police officer that Laundrie hit her before recanting the claim, according to Fox News. Then, she claimed she struck her boyfriend first.

The couple was taking a cross-country trip before Laundrie returned home without Petito in September. Later, authorities recovered Petito’s dead boy in the Bridger-Teton Forest in Wyoming earlier this month.

Video Reveals More From Petito

Laundrie told Moab, Utah police, that he “didn’t have time” to defend himself from allegations about hitting his fiancée.

Laundrie tries to soften his actions, telling the officer he pushed Petito away. He said she gets worked up and “swings.” He also said she held her cell phone and he was “just trying to push her away.”

In talking with the officer, a tearful Gabby Petito admits her boyfriend hit her but downplays the act by saying she hit him first. She tried to blame herself.

“He didn’t like hit me in the face,” she told the officer. “He didn’t like punch me in the face or anything.”

When the officer asked about getting slapped, Gabby Petito again said Laundrie grabbed her with “his nail” and admitted having a cut face. She rubbed her cheek and said it burned when she touched it.

New Video Telling

Fox News and Fox 13 Utah obtained the video through a public records request.

The video tells more only weeks before Gabby Petito’s disappearance and death. She was last seen alive in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The new video reveals Petito getting locked out of the couple’s rental van. Petito claimed Laundrie wanted her to take a breather, but she did not want that. The couple was out of water, and she wanted to keep traveling.

The officer observed hit marks on Petito’s face and arm, asking her about them.

The 22-year-old woman responded that she was unsure and thought she suffered the lacerations while trying to get into the van.

Witness Talks To Police

Another witness told police the 23-year-old boyfriend tried to grab at Petito’s phone. A scramble ensued, and she crawled over Laundrie after she thought she might drive off without her.

In another video moment, the officer asks for some clarification from the witness. He asks if he saw the man strike the woman.

The witness seems unsure about his answer, saying he saw maybe a push or a shove, but no full-on facial punch or anything similar. The witness does admit to seeing Petito get slapped.

Later in the video, an officer tells Laundrie that the woman hadn’t admitted to getting struck.

Fox News said experts see Gabby Petito’s mistreatment with similar incidents of domestic abuse. Also, the woman’s reaction to police may come from the manipulation of an abusive relationship.

As for the police, Moab officials are looking into the stop as part of an investigation. 

Two U.S. Park Service bodycam videos are still unavailable to the public.