Gabby Petito Case: New Photos From Campsite Where She Was Found Surface

by Shelby Scott

Several days have passed since authorities ruled Gabby Petito’s death a homicide. Further, we still have no further information as to the actual cause of the young woman’s death. Although, new photos have surfaced from the campsite where law enforcement located the adventurist’s body last weekend.

The haunting photos saw release as forensic investigators concluded their search of the campsite in Spread Creek. Officially, law enforcement reopened the area on Tuesday evening to the public. There, orange spray paint and various numbers had previously donned the area.

In the time since authorities found Petito’s body, a makeshift memorial appeared in the clearing “just east” of the location. The memorial presumably lies in honor of Gabby Petito. It consists of a meticulous layout of round white stones in the shape of a cross. A Fox13 reporter stated it remains unclear when exactly the memorial was created.

Regardless, the few images relay the wild spirit Petito displayed in life. Bright yellow-leafed trees surround the clearing near the campsite and mountains and clouds lie on the outskirts of the image. Although, the trees in the foreground create dark shadows, spotlighting the small memorial. The latter seems to represent the tragedy surrounding Petito’s death. Mystery surrounds her situation overall as the manhunt for the woman’s former fiancé, Brian Laundrie, ensues.

See more photos here.

Gabby Petito’s ‘Van Life’ Posed Further Relationship Issues

For those Outsiders struck with wanderlust, the idea of living cross-country in a van might seem dreamlike. However, following the young vlogger’s death, other “van life” enthusiasts shared how Gabby Petito’s death represents problems with the lifestyle.

Petito’s photos of her adventures up until her death highlight much of the fun connected to travel and adventure. However, various bloggers, TikTokers, and other lifestyle practitioners revealed the “van life” is not always bright and free-spirited.

One van-life enthusiast, Nikita Crump, documents her travels on TikTok, with a following of one million. She told the outlet the “van life” is “not all happy-go-lucky.”

She detailed that she’s encountered plenty of creepy men in her travels to start. Additionally, she said, “During the day, there’s subconscious stress on your shoulders. You’re worrying about where you’re going to shower and use the bathroom that day…or if you have a flat tire.”

Another blogger, named Amber, said that many people following the lifestyle don’t address the “dark side” of the adventure. “You don’t see the nights at the Denny’s parking lot because you can’t find anywhere else to sleep.”

Overall, however, the lifestyle enthusiasts highlighted just how potentially damaging “van life” can be for a couple. Amber further shared that while she travels with her boyfriend as well, there have been times when “everything’s going wrong” and “you can end up on the side of the road crying.”

So, while of course there are lots of opportunities tied to a nomadic lifestyle, Gabby Petito’s situation demonstrates just how much thought and consideration should be put into the endeavor.