Gabby Petito Case: A Pastor Drops by Laundrie Home to Offer Support

by Kati Michelle

Since the filing of Gabby Petito’s Missing Person report 19 days ago on September 11th, the case has spiraled into something bigger than itself. Gabby’s father recently addressed certain points of contention in a press conference held by their blended family in New York. As a growing audience tries to support the Petitos, an audience of equal caliber is on the offense regarding the Laundrie family.

Over the last few days, their North Port neighborhood saw an influx of agitated protesters with bull horns. Seemingly reaching a boiling point, a fight erupted sometime Wednesday between protesters and Laundrie neighbors. In spite of all the negativity surrounding the case and the Laundrie family, one man is looking to make a difference. A pastor actually dropped by their home to offer up his support. More on that below.

Florida Pastor is “Praying for Both Families”

Florida Pastor Cook showed up at the Laundrie family’s residence in hopes of establishing some “connection.” He spent a couple of minutes at their door, and although they didn’t open the door, he alleges they talked through it nonetheless. He states Brian Laundrie’s father heard him relay his phone number a couple of different times, and he is “expecting a call” from them soon.

Media met Pastor Cook as he walked down the driveway and inquired about his presence. He said both the Petito family and Laundrie family are in need of prayer right now. Cook wants the Laundries to know that “not everyone is trying to get information from them.” Instead, the pastor wants to offer up his “ministry” and “support” because the constant press can cause a lot of “pressure.”

He went on to explain that people need others to confide in. Whether Brian’s parents are confiding in each other is actually a question we can’t answer. Similarly, he wonders who else they really have to talk to right now. Throughout his statement, he repeatedly assures the press that he’s “praying for both families.”

You can view his visit and the marks he made after in this video provided by Fox:

Updates to the Search for Brian Laundrie

Another pressing topic seems to be Dog the Bounty Hunter. While the Petito family publicly announced their support for his help, the public is rather split. Still, he claims to want to do Gabby Petito justice and plans to do that by catching Brian Laundrie. Most recently, a plane was flown with a message directed at Brian that seemed to come from Dog himself. This was later debunked, though Dog appreciates the gesture. His daughter Lyssa also announced her plans to join the search. They remain at the De Soto campgrounds, exploring all of its surrounding islands for any signs of Brian.