Gabby Petito Case: Petito’s Stepmom Posts Heartwrenching Message with Photo of Her and Petito

by Quentin Blount

Tara Petito, the step-mother of Gabby Petito, took to social media on Saturday afternoon to post a heartfelt tribute to the late 22-year-old.

The parents and step-parents of Gabby Petito have found themselves in an impossible situation. Losing a child has to be one of the most difficult experiences to endure in life and that’s exactly what they are going through. It was confirmed late last month that the body of Gabby Petito was found in a campground in Bridger-Teton National Forest, right by Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The FBI has ruled the case as a homicide but there has not been any official cause of death listed.

“Gabby I will love you to the moon and back always and forever ❤️❤️❤️ #gabbypetito #justiceforgabby” Tara Petito captioned her photo.

People all around the world have reached out to the Petito family to offer their support. That was the case yet again on Saturday.

“Prayers to you and your family! Gabby will get justice!”

“Hi Tara, as a mom of two with a daughter that had an abusive boyfriend, I just feel for Gabby. My heart breaks into two for your loss. She was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I know you are missing her but I know her death won’t be in vain. How do I know? Because she’s already changed the world! ❤️”

The Petitos have even been getting support from people in other countries. That just goes to show how big this case has actually gotten.

“So angry for you. Gabby’s story touched me as I’ve been through DV a few times. I hope you get justice for your gorgeous girl soon. Sending love from Wales in UK.”

Parents, Step-Parents of Gabby Petito Get Matching Tattoos

By now, the entire world knows that Gabby Petito was a young woman with a free and adventurous spirit. So, it comes as no surprise that she lived by the motto, “Let it be.” She even had the words inked on her forearm.

As a result, the parents and step-parents of the 22-year-old got together for a special cause. They decided that getting the same phrase tattooed in the exact same spot that Gabby had hers done would be a fitting tribute to the girl they loved so much. They showed off the tattoos as well as gave updates during a news conference at their attorney’s office last week.

Joe Petito, Gabby’s dad, explained that they all went together to have the tattoos done.

“We all had them done last night,” he said. “We all did it together. Like I’ve said, we’ve all co-parented Gabby together and that’s not going to stop now. We’re in this together.”

Gabby’s mom, Nicole Schmidt, had to fight back tears while displaying her new tattoo.

“She’s with us. She’s with us.”