Gabby Petito Case: Photos Show Difficult Conditions at Wildlife Refuge of Brian Laundrie Manhunt

by Courtney Blackann

Several law enforcement teams are pulling massive resources to search for Gabby Petito’s missing boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. Their search resumed Tuesday in the expansive Carlton Reserve, a 25,000 acre stretch of land. With thick brush, humidity and dangerous wildlife, it’s not an easy area to explore. Much less find a missing person.

Additionally, the amount of rain in the region saw recently makes the terrain that much more difficult to navigate. With swampy marshlands, police vehicles and ATVs are doing their best to comb the area.

Further, Fox News shared photos of the reserve, showing just how treacherous it is. Water and heat are breeding grounds for bugs and other insects. Hiking trails covered in water would also make a trek on foot fairly difficult.

“VAST WASTELAND: Photos show difficult conditions in desolate wildlife refuge where authorities are hunting Brian Laundrie,” Fox captioned the series of photos.

If Brian Laundrie really is there – and has been since Tuesday – it would be difficult for the man to survive the elements for an extended amount of time. The treacherous area would be difficult for the most seasoned hikers to withstand.

North Port Police teams in conjunction with the FBI have dedicated search efforts to the area all morning looking for the 23-year-old Laundrie. His family claims he left their home Tuesday to go hiking and never returned. However, they didn’t report him missing for three days.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie’s Disappearance

When Brian Laundrie returned home September 1 without Gabby (the two planned a four-month trek across the U.S.) he remained quiet about where his 22-year-old girlfriend was. Both he and his family refused to speak to police after her family filed a missing person’s report on September 11.

Further, the Laundrie family enlisted attorney Steven Bertolino to represent them. Bertolino then released a statement to the North Port Police that Brian intended on exercising his constitutional right to stay quiet.

As Gabby’s case gained traction on social media and in the news, thousands of tips came in about possible sightings of both Brian and Gabby at various points on their trip.

One notable witness shared a video of a Ford Transit white van, which could have belonged to the couple. However, the witness said it didn’t appear that anyone was in or around the van, which felt strange. This happened in the Grand Teton National Park, shortly before officials found human remains which are believed to be Gabby.

As the investigation continues, authorities are combing through evidence collected from the Laundrie home. Additionally, investigators are waiting on autopsy results of the remains found in Wyoming.