Gabby Petito Case: Police Were Reportedly Called Twice to Laundrie Home Before She Was Reported Missing

by Michael Freeman

More information surrounding the Gabby Petito case emerges every day. It has now come to light police were called twice to the Laundrie home before she was reported missing.

Daily Mail UK reports police in North Port, Florida received two 911 calls connected to Brian Laundrie’s parents on September 10. This happens to be one day before Gabby’s mother reported her missing. Both were “public service” calls. The first came right before 4 p.m., while the other around 6:30 p.m. The calls are partially redacted in the logs, meaning it is unclear who placed them or what they included.

Additionally, officers received three calls connected to the Laundrie residence on September 11. These calls fall under the “follow up/investigation” and “agency assist” categories. Responses to these calls are listed as “problem settled,” “no police action needed,” and “report submitted.”

Further information concerning the calls isn’t currently available.

Police Received Dozens of 911 Calls in Days Around Her Disappearance

The calls police received before and shortly after Gabby Petito went missing were only the tip of the iceberg. Shortly after her disappearance, the police received dozens of them, all with information concerning the case.

At least 46 emergency calls were phoned in and made public between September 10 and September 27. The reasons cited for the calls include “missing person,” “disturbance,” “follow up/investigation,” “agency assist,” “special detail,” “patrol check,” and “public service.” Records indicate most calls received were around 5:10 p.m. during the 17-day period. Further, the North Point Police visited the area relating to calls on September 14, 15, 16, and even visited the neighborhood twice on September 17.

A Pastor Visited The Laundrie Home For Support

The Laundrie household has been busy lately, particularly with protestors and neighbors. Nonetheless, not all of them came with ill-intent. Wednesday evening, a pastor stopped by the Laundrie home to offer support. FOX News recorded and tweeted video footage of the visit.

Florida Pastor Cook arrived at the Laundrie residence to establish a “connection” with them. Though he didn’t go inside the house, Cook states they talked through the door. He also said Brian Laundrie’s father heard him give his phone number and is “expecting a call” from the family.

News outlets also met Cook as he walked down the driveway to ask about his visit. He stated both the Petito and Laundrie family need prayer right now. In addition, he wanted to relay “not everyone is trying to get information from them” to the Laundries. Recognizing the pressure the media can inflict, he offered “support” if they need it. Finally, he stressed the importance of confiding in others and how helpful it is for people to have others they can speak to.