Gabby Petito Case: Police Say Flowers Left at Laundrie Family Home Will Be Thrown Away

by Jonathan Howard

Following a memorial for Gabby Petito, folks started to leave flowers for the homicide victim at the Landrie Family home. The dedications also come amid a group of protestors posting up outside the home. They are asking the family to reveal the location of Brian Laundrie.

Word came out that the flowers were being left by delivery services. However, at this time, police are asking those mourning Petito to not send flowers to the Laundrie household. Those flowers will be thrown into the garbage. While a memorial had begun to be made out on the front lawn, it appears as of Monday things are changing. One floral delivery person said that police told her it was a waste of time.

The officer told the worker that flowers should go to city hall in North Port, FL. There is a memorial being set up at that location. The public works staff for the city will begin the cleanup overnight.

According to TMZ, one reporter saw a delivery made after police had left the location. Those flowers were left at the memorial.

Over the weekend, the Gabby Petito family had a funeral to honor their daughter. In Gabby’s hometown of Long Island, NY, there was a candlelight vigil in her honor. Currently, investigators are still searching for Brian Laundrie. The person of interest has been missing for over a week. The reward for tips in relation to helping find Laundrie is over $170,000.

Not only are federal, state, and local officials searching for Laundrie, but Dog the Bounty Hunter has joined in. The Dog is in Florida and assisting in the search. Even though he has caused a bit of controversy already.

The Dog Joins the Gabby Petito Case

Over the weekend, it came out that Dog the Bounty Hunter was joining the search efforts in the Gabby Petito case. He has offered his services and is apparently serious about assisting. During his time in North Port, FL, he knocked on the door at the Laundrie family home. Roberta Laundrie called the police.

During this entire process, the Laundrie family has relied on law enforcement to keep protestors, media, and yes even the Dog away from the home. They did not appreciate the help he was offering it seems. Now, the famous bounty hunter is apparently leading officials to a campsite. It is believed to have been used by Brian Laundrie.

According to an unnamed source that spoke with TMZ, Dog went to a recently-used campsite. Now, that isn’t all. Also included in the source tip, the parents may have ties to the location as well. If that is the case, then this information could lead to many implications. However, this is just an anonymous source to TMZ. This has no hard evidence behind it. Only time will tell how accurate the tip is.

Brian Laundrie is still a person of interest in the Gabby Peito case. He has a warrant out for his arrest regarding illegal credit card use. Basically what amounts to $1,000 of credit card fraud. Outsider will keep you posted with any updates regarding the search.