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Gabby Petito Case: Police Say It’ll Be ‘Very Important’ to Go Through Brian Laundrie’s Notebook Found at Reserve

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Thomas O'Neill/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

It’s been several days since the discovery of Brian Laundrie’s remains in Florida’s Carlton Reserve. Now, both the 23-year-old’s parents and local law enforcement remain under close scrutinization by the public. Additionally, considering the state of those remains, many wonder whether we’ll ever truly know the deceased fugitive’s cause of death. However, aside from the remains, North Port, FL police emphasize the importance of deciphering what lies within Laundrie’s notebook.

News Nation‘s Brian Entin, a reliable source throughout the length of both the Brian Laundrie manhunt and the Gabby Petito investigation, shared an exclusive interview with a North Port, FL representative. The course of the interview lays out several basic answers as to the public’s concerns. These surround both the event’s leading to Petito‘s posthumous recovery and Brian Laundrie’s death.

As for the notebook, the officer revealed the FBI currently has possession of it. He added, “they will utilize every tool that they have to make sure that it’s handled with care.”

The law enforcement representative further shared the notebook’s discovery came from a previously submerged location. Interestingly, however, he also shared that some of the contents of the notebook had been legible. Of course, there was nothing he could specifically reveal at the time.

So for now, professionals work to pull answers from both Brian Laundrie’s remains as well as the all-important notebook. At the moment, publicly released information remains at a standstill.

Law Enforcement Under Fire After Claim Regarding Brian Laundrie Recovery

Hopefully, professionals are able to conserve and restore some of the contents of Brian Laundrie’s notebook. However, many followers of the investigation believe authorities shouldn’t put too much thought into what the notebook contains. Following one of Brian Entin’s posts, attached below, several people believe contents could be missing or entirely faked.

Above anything, some of the public remains particularly enraged at law enforcement’s claim labeling the Laundries’ incredibly rapid discovery of their son’s belongings and human remains a “coincidence.”

In the comments following Entin’s post, the public was not shy in their thoughts regarding the claim.

“Coincidence?” commented Keri Huang in disbelief. “The actual police are just writing off a legitimate concern as coincidence and not even looking into it further?…Ridiculous.”

Others shared that the entire investigation “make[s] no sense.” They highlighted that police searched the same areas for weeks turning up nothing, when suddenly, an hour after the Laundries’ joined the search, Brian Laundrie was found.

Additionally, the Laundries’ attorney’s latest statements claim Brian Laundrie left in anger. He further shared Laundrie had been grieving prior to going missing. Following this, nothing concrete has gone public via the Laundrie family.