Gabby Petito Case: Dog the Bounty Hunter Reportedly Leading Authorities to Campsite That Could Have Been Used by Brian Laundrie

by John Jamison

Dog the Bounty Hunter is on the Gabby Petito case. The TV personality joined the search for Brian Laundrie in recent days, and he reportedly has more than a thousand leads to go on. It looks like at least one of them may have turned up something useful.

An unnamed source told TMZ that Dog followed a lead to a recently-used Florida campsite that may be connected to Laundrie—the man believed to be one of the last to see Gabby Petito alive.

The kicker? This mysterious source told the outlet that Dog might have evidence linking Brian Laundrie’s parents to the location.

Of course, there’s no telling how credible this information is. And that’s not casting any aspersions on Dog the Bounty Hunter. The man has a long track record backing up his ability to find people hiding from the law. But with all of the false alarms recently, it’s difficult to say with any confidence that this particular lead is legit.

TMZ reports that Dog the Bounty Hunter is hot on Laundrie’s tail, but only time will tell if this new lead could be a significant clue.

Brian Laundrie was a person of interest in the death of Gabby Petito for some time. Now there’s a warrant out for his arrest. The FBI’s warrant cites Laundrie for illegal credit card usage, however. Not murder. At present, Duane Chapman is hunting a person who is technically only wanted for $1,000 worth of credit card fraud.

Regardless, we’re going to keep you posted on any further developments in the Gabby Petito case here at Outsider.

We All Want to See Justice Done in the Case of Gabby Petito, But is Dog the Bounty Hunter Breaking the Law?

Is Duane Chapman allowed to chase Brian Laundrie right now? The answer is no.

It doesn’t appear that Florida law enforcement has taken any serious steps to prevent him from conducting an investigation. But Duane Chapman is a bounty hunter. If you’ve been paying attention to the Gabby Petito case, you’ll have noticed that Brian Laundrie hasn’t been arrested yet. That means he can’t possibly be skipping bail. So there’s not much for someone like Dog to do at this stage. At least, in any official capacity.

But that hasn’t stopped Chapman from hunting Laundrie down in Florida. The location of his search brings us to our second point. Dog’s name alone is illegal in the state of Florida. That’s right. Bounty hunters are a no-go in the Sunshine State.

That said, there could be a big payday in it for Duane if his lead comes through. The reward for “information leading to the exact whereabouts” of Brian Laundrie is up to $170,000.