Gabby Petito Case: Rewards Surge to $30K for Info Regarding Brian Laundrie’s Whereabouts

by Shelby Scott

The manhunt for Brian Laundrie continues into its second week. Authorities continue to turn up zero evidence of Brian Laundrie’s presence in North Port, Florida’s massive Carlton Reserve. As such, rewards regarding information about the wanted man’s whereabouts have risen to an astonishing $30,000.

Multiple individuals and agencies have contributed funds to the reward surrounding tips concerning the whereabouts of America’s most wanted man. Most recently, Boohoff Law contributed a generous $20,000 to the growing sum relating to the location of Brian Laundrie. According to the New York Post, however, the reward total started at only $5,000 initiated by Jerry Torres, a neighbor of the Petito family.

Of his offer, Torres shared, “Law enforcement is working tirelessly and they need your help.” The Petito family neighbor shared the announcement via Twitter.

Soon after, the total reward for Laundrie’s arrest increased to $10,000. The addition came on the part of FL resident, Steve Moyer. Moyer previously served as Sarasota, FL’s deputy chief of police. Following his contribution, he told CNN affiliate WZVN, “Money gets people to talk.”

About the latest addition to the reward, Kate Shakira, a Boohoff employee, said, “We believe by offering a reward, it may help law enforcement get answers and bring justice for Gabby.”

She added the firm has contacted law enforcement about their contribution.

As Laundrie continues to avoid discovery, authorities now possess a legal arrest warrant due to fraud. The move has now concluded Laundrie a wanted criminal.

Brian Laundrie’s Parents Could Face Criminal Charges

Brian Laundrie’s parents reported their 23-year-old son missing on September 17th and have remained silent regarding their son’s location since. They’ve additionally provided no official further statements at this time.

However, as the manhunt ensues, now with the assist of TV personality, Dog the Bounty Hunter, officials have highlighted the potential that the Laundries could face criminal charges.

Laundrie’s parents, Roberta and Chris, have entirely frustrated the nation as a whole. Nevertheless, they reportedly remain within their rights to keep silent. However, should authorities locate any proof leading to either their son’s discovery or information regarding Gabby Petito’s death, they are sure to face legal action.

According to former D.C.-based detective Ted Williams, Brian Laundrie’s parents may potentially face charges for falsifying information. While authorities currently have no proof, officials have said there remains a chance Laundrie lied about his hike in the Carlton Reserve. They also suggested the man’s parents could be covering his true whereabouts.

Additionally, Williams stated should law enforcement uncover proof, the Laundries could also be charged as accessories to a crime. However, no charges have been made at present.

Even more interesting about the family’s silence, the Laundries previously planned to attend a press conference. The announcement came following their extensive silence about the ongoing Gabby Petito investigation and the ensuing raid on their home. Authorities and civilian Americans alike hoped to find answers. However, right before, they canceled the conference.

The Laundries’ decision to cancel alongside their complete silence has many calling the pair “complicit” in Gabby Petito’s disappearance and homicide.