Gabby Petito Case: Survival Expert Says Brian Laundrie May ‘Drive Himself Insane’

by Quentin Blount

Is the former fiance of Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie, still alive? If so, could he have driven himself insane? Experts on the topic believe so.

Brian Laundrie has been on the run now for nearly a month. And after living in the wild and having to survive on his own, a survivalist expert says he may end up driving himself insane.

“Florida’s climate is very, very difficult. I am an expert with plenty of experience, and it would be everything that I could do to survive for[more] than three weeks,” Robert Urban, founder, and instructor of Urban Survival Academy told CNN.

“Someone with no experience, you cannot be lucky and survive in that sort of climate.”

Meanwhile, Jason Marsteiner, founder and president of The Survival University, echoed that same belief.

“Twenty-five days in that area is extremely tough. I wouldn’t want to do it and I’ve got jungle training, I’ve got mountain training.”

Marsteiner goes on to say that, “He’s [Brian Laundrie] is not sleeping well. And when you don’t sleep you slowly drive yourself insane. So, he would be making bad decisions, bad choices, and I think that would cause him to be found or get injured or perish.”

Police in Gabby Petito Case Say There’s a 50-Percent Chance Laundrie is Alive

So, survival experts think there’s a chance that Brian Laundrie might drive himself insane. But that’s if he’s alive at all. Local police in North Port say it’s hard to say whether he is alive or dead at this point.

“I guess if we had to put odds on it I would say [50-50] is pretty close,” said Josh Taylor, North Port officer.

And even though Brian Laundrie’s sister claimed that he was only a “mediocre survivalist,” other experts think that Laundrie easily could be alive if he prepared correctly.

“I think a lot of that depends really on how prepared he was when he entered the area, to begin with,” survivalist Dave Canterbury said. “If he had supplies in a backpack, which it’s rumored that he had, if he had ways to disinfect water through filtration and cover to protect himself from the weather and things like that, he could survive for a certain period of time.”

However, if the former fiance of Gabby Petito had ways to gather and process food, he could survive even longer.

“The question really becomes if you can gather food. How are you going to process and cook that food without starting a fire? And if your filtration fails, how are you going to disinfect the water without starting a fire? But I think up to this point he could have enough stuff in a backpack to have gotten along this far and still be here.”