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Gabby Petito Case: Watch Brian Laundrie’s Dad Remove ‘What If It Was Cassie’ Sign in Yard

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

The Laundrie family continues to draw in criticism and scrutiny as they maintain their silence surrounding Gabby Petito’s homicide. Though officials called Brian Laundrie’s dad into their search at the Carlton a little while ago, he came back empty-handed. Now, he and his wife, Roberta, remain holed up in their North Port, Florida home. Though they won’t acknowledge the fact that Gabby Petito shared the residence with them at one point, neighbors and protesters won’t let them forget.

Every effort to get the Laundries to speak, however, seems to face resistance from them. Most recently, neighbors hammered a sign into the Laundrie family lawn with Gabby’s picture asking “Remember Me? Roberta and Chris, I once lived with you.”

It didn’t stay there long, just like this new sign that asked “What if it was Cassie?” Video captured Brian Laundrie’s dad as he removed the new sign and actively ignored onlookers. This joins a pattern that has persisted for weeks.

Brian Laundrie’s Dad Remains Stone Cold

Video from the North Port scene captures Brian Laundrie’s dad after he already collected the “What if it was Cassie” sign and headed to throw it away. He maintains his composure as he did when mowing the lawn the other day, despite hoards of onlookers.

The reaction to the continued media presence outside the Laundrie family home stays mixed. Some people see it as a “distraction” and unnecessary, while others hope the pressure will eventually get them to talk. The Petito family wants nothing more than to get some answers, but they are tired of begging the Laundrie family for them. They’ve also publicly denounced the Laundrie family attorney’s words as “garbage.”

Something strange that occurred the other day includes letters addressed to the whole of the North Port neighborhood with money attached, asking neighbors to “help feed the media.” Read about that here.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Takes as Much Heat as He Puts Out

Dog the Bounty Hunter just delivered a new frightening message to Brian Laundrie as he remains on the run. Some think Dog’s bark might be worse than his bite, but the reality star is seen snarling in his new video. “Let me have you,” he growls. He then goes on to taunt Brian Laundrie by asking him to “be a man for once” and turn himself in.

This follows comments from Florida’s own governor, who called the continued and unsuccessful search for Brian “disappointing.” As the days pass, it seems Dog’s list of supporters might be dwindling. Recently, even Marco Rubio offered up a statement on the reality star’s self-insertion into the case. “I’ve never seen him bounty hunt someone out in the Everglades,” Rubio said of Dog the Bounty Hunter. “I mean, that’s a different thing.”