Gabby Petito Case: What We Know About FBI’s Latest Reported Three-Minute Entry Inside the Laundrie House

by Kati Michelle

As the funeral proceedings for Gabby Petito take place in New York, the investigation into her homicide continues. Both her father and step-father spoke at the Visitation, which the funeral home also live-streamed for those that couldn’t attend.

The North Port Police Department and FBI continue struggling to corroborate the events leading up to Gabby Petito’s disappearance and, ultimate death. They also struggle to corroborate the timeline of Brian Laundrie’s disappearance thereafter, based on the timeline his parents gave them.

The FBI made an appearance back at the Laundrie residence in Florida sometime Sunday morning. They even entered the house for approximately three minutes. Here’s what we know about their brief visit.

Although it’s public information now that Gabby Petito’s death indeed came from the result of homicide, a lot remains unknown. The autopsy results for a specific cause of death remain pending. Moreover, the one person that officials want to question remains unaccounted for.

The search for Brian Laundrie proves to be difficult and expensive. So far, the searches have already racked up a bill of over $1.2 million dollars. The most frustrating part is the fact that results continue to come back inconclusive. As friends of the former couple open up about Brian’s “manipulative tendencies,” rewards leading to his apprehension are climbing upwards of $30k.

While all leads up to this point have fallen short, the FBI may be onto something behind-the-scenes. This morning, they reportedly made a brief appearance at the Laundrie residence. This is not the first time, although this did mark one of their shortest visits. Still, in the reported 3 minutes, the FBI requested personal items belonging to Brian. Allegedly this will help them with DNA matching and Brian’s parents did cooperate. At this time, they are not facing any charges, though speculation surrounding that continues to swell.

This information comes from News Nation Now correspondent Brian Entin, who reports from the ground in Florida. Here’s his latest tweet on the matter:

The Search Continues to Expand

In the past week, several reported sightings of Brian Laundrie poured into police stations around various parts of the country. A trail cam caught footage of a hiker resembling Laundrie but was disproven shortly thereafter. Police also squashed the rumors of his appearance in Alabama. With Dog the Bounty Hunter joining the case, his leads reportedly point him towards the Appalachian Trail. Whether you love the guy or hate him, he does have a personal connection to the case. Moreover, other authorities have also postulated that the Appalachian Trail might prove to be the hiding spot of Laundrie.

As always, we thank our Outsider community for staying so invested. Gabby Petito’s memory continues to inspire speculations into other missing persons cases at National Parks as well as “bigger talks” about domestic violence and social media.

We will continue to disseminate vital fact-checked information to the case as it is uncovered.