Gabby Petito Case: Where Could Brian Laundrie Be?

by Clayton Edwards

Authorities have been on the hunt for Brian Laundrie for nearly a week. They have received countless reports of potential sightings. However, none of those have panned out yet. Additionally, North Port, Florida Police have been searching the swamps for him and have come up empty-handed. More recently, the FBI issued a federal arrest warrant for Laundrie. On top of that, internet sleuths and other interested individuals are doing all they can to locate Gabby Petito’s potential killer. It seems that everyone wants to know where Laundrie is.

Unfortunately, Brian Laundrie could be almost anywhere right now. He has had plenty of time to travel almost anywhere in the country. Furthermore, he could have slipped across the southern border into Mexico. To make things more difficult, Laundrie is an avid outdoorsman and is able to survive off of nearly nothing in the wild. Additionally, there is a real possibility that Laundrie took his own life to escape the consequences of his alleged actions.

Recently, Fox News spoke to Pat Diaz, a retired Miami-Dade homicide detective about Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts. Diaz leaned on his years of experience and gave his theories on the case. “I don’t think he killed himself. I think he’s just going to disappear.”

 They also sought comment from Dan Riemer, a private investigator out of West Palm. Riemer believes that the large-scale manhunts in the swamps are lulling people into a false sense of security. “The focus needs to be on people being aware, and someone will see something, just like the campers who saw the van.”

Theories About Where Brian Laundrie Could Be

The PI also has a theory about where Brian Laundrie might be. He thinks Laundrie might be in South Florida, “hiding in plain sight,” according to Riemer, that’s not hard to do. He regularly hunts down people who leave rehab in the area. “It’s amazing how they survive. No credit card, no physical signs of income, and they just make do.”

Pat Diaz said that Brian Laundrie probably went back out West. The Carlton Reserves swamps are inhospitable, according to the retired detective. Additionally, Laundrie doesn’t have the kind of money he would need to make it in another country. “He’s not going to Mexico,” Diaz said. “There’s a lot of Americans there that would recognize him.” Costa Rica isn’t a good option either. “The only way you could survive in Costa Rica is if you have a lot of money. Otherwise, they’ll give you up.”

Diaz, like Riemer, doesn’t believe that Brian Laundrie is in Carlton Reserve. At least, he doesn’t think the FBI believes he is. “Who’s in charge of the scene? Why not have the bureau out there in charge of the scene? Because the bureau doesn’t believe he’s in the swamp.”

The hunt continues for Brian Laundrie.