Gabby Petito Case: Woman Posts Tragic Message with Photo of Gabby Petito on Laundrie Family’s Lawn

by Jon D. B.

“I was here once.” Someone has put up a heartbreaking memorial for Gabby Petito in the front lawn of the Laundrie’s Florida residence, as footage shows.

“Our producer Donna is at the house while we are at the reserve. She sent me this video – someone posted pictures on the Laundrie’s front lawn with the words “I was here once,” posts News Nation Now correspondent Brian Entin on Twitter mid-Friday.

“There is also a picture of Gabby Petito posted on a tree,” he continues of the scene. Within his producer’s footage, the tragic memorial is clearly visible. There, flowers have been placed alongside one flier which looks to have been cut to the shape of a tombstone.

“Cover the street in pictures of Gabby!! I don’t know how they can live with themselves by not speaking up and trying to help find out what happened to her,” replies follower Melissa Hall on Twitter.

Thousands of others are responding similarly as Gabby Petito’s case continues; her fiancé Brian Laundrie still at large.

“Someone should make a huge banner with her pic and those words, I was here once…and put it in a neighboring yard, with permission… Like one across the street if possible.”

“Are the police still outside of the house? Speaks volumes if they are and allowed someone onto their property to put up the photos. Good for whoever did it,” echoes Michelle B.

Gabby Petito: ‘I Was Here Once’

While the footage belongs to the sources above, Fox News reports that a “woman” who “came by” is responsible for the fliers and statement. She would leave a total of 5 fliers at the Laundrie family’s North Port home around noon on Friday.

“This is heart-wrenching. This family is so cold, and it hurts me to think that she was living with them,” tweets Mae T. in response. “Who knows what torment she went through before she and Brian started van life?”

A plethora of speculation follows. Sadly, however, we still do not have further details on Gabby Petito’s reported “homicide.”

In the meantime, Brian Laundrie remains unaccounted for. The FBI issued a federal warrant for his arrest Sept. 23. In addition, a Florida law firm is offering $20,000 to anyone who comes forward with information as to Laundrie’s whereabouts.

No concrete leads have come to light since either development. One Friday happenstance, however, is gaining traction. Per the New York Post, a Canadian flight attendant would snap a photo of a man with a striking resemblance to Brian Laundrie. The man was seen outside of a hotel in Toronto, Canada. You can view the photo here.

Meanwhile, the devastated father of Gabby Petito, Joe Petito, is asking for those who wish to send flowers to please donate to the Future Gabby Petito Foundation instead.

So many of us Outsiders have taken such similar trips to our beloved national parks as Gabby. She should’ve had countless more adventures ahead of her.

Here’s to hoping justice prevails for Gabby, her family, and all others suffering similar circumstances.