Gabby Petito Coverage Helps Find Body of Another Missing Hiker

by Kati Michelle

News coverage of the Gabby Petito case continues to stay steady, upsetting some folks. They lament the fact that other missing persons cases lack the same type of coverage. To that end, Gabby Petito’s father actually agrees. He addressed those comments and many more at the press conference his family held Tuesday. Here, the Petitos repeatedly thanked the media and public for their continued support, saying their daughter might never have been found otherwise. They also talked about wanting something good to come from this “nightmare.” So, they asked the public to take some initiative and boost other missing persons cases themselves.

The thing is, it’s working. Several cold cases re-opened and tips started pouring in for cases that lacked coverage before. Actually, the search for Gabby Petito specifically helped officials find the body of at least one other missing hiker. Here are your details.

Hiker’s Body Discovered Near Site of Gabby Petito’s Remains

A YouTuber’s tips are ultimately what led officials to the Spread Creek Dispersed Campsite in Wyoming. Here, they found remains consistent with Gabby Petito’s description, and later confirmed a match to the body. Now, a Texas man went missing in the area around the same time.

46-year-old Robert Lowery was a father of two from Houston. Cellphone pings put him in Jackson on August 23rd. Video footage from a few days prior also confirmed his presence in the area. However, that same week he went missing. This area is only 40 miles from the location that Gabby’s body was discovered at.

Local Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Sachse talked to “Dateline” and revealed what led to their findings. It turns out, new tips started pouring in about Lowery after Gabby’s remains were discovered. Houston news outlets then say this led officials to find a body matching Lowery’s description near the Black Canyon Trail at the base of Teton Pass. His family posted a long statement to their Facebook page, part of which reads:

“Bob has been a wonderful father, son, brother, and friend. Our family wants to thank the news media and others involved in the search for our privacy at this difficult time.”

Other Missing Persons Cases in the Area

Residents spotted 27-year-old Cian McLaughlin hiking in the Grand Teton National Park without a backpack on June 8th. No one heard from him in the days following, and authorities filed an official Missing Persons Report on the fourth day. Search and rescue teams promptly launched to cover as much territory as possible. This followed incoming tips from over 140 people.

Unfortunately, the searches came back with nothing. Even with the use of over 45 helicopter searches, thermal imaging cameras, and search dogs, officials were unable to locate Cian or any clues relating to his disappearance as they entered their 100th day of the search.