Gabby Petito: Details Into How Brian Laundrie Acted in Days Following Her Disappearance

by Amy Myers

Police are trying to piece together the events that happened between August 25, when Gabby Petito last spoke to her mother, and September 11, when her mother reported her missing. It is crucial that they dissect each known interaction between the two in the events leading up to Petito’s death. With Laundrie missing, authorities have to rely on the accounts from witnesses that saw the couple within the two months.

Thousands of people have come forward to share what they witnessed between Laundrie and Petito in those crucial moments before and after her death. Investigators have included some of these accounts in recent reports. However, some are still under speculation.

One incident, in particular, sparked controversy when a TikTok user released her story. In a four-part video, Miranda Baker described her alleged encounter with Brian Laundrie on August 29. In the days before Gabby Petito was reported missing, Baker claimed that she gave a man matching Laundrie’s description a ride. At the time, she and her boyfriend found him hitchhiking outside Grand Teton National Park. According to Baker, the 23-year-old shared that his girlfriend worked in social media in their van. Baker also reported that he became “agitated” when she told him their destination. He then proceeded to exit the car and walk to a parking lot to find another ride.

The FBI recently revealed that Laundrie committed “use of unauthorized access devices” in the days following Gabby Petito’s disappearance. According to the report, the 23-year-old used a Capitol One Bank debit card and PIN that did not belong to him. With the card and banking information, he purchased items amounting to over $1,000. This behavior has allowed police to issue a warrant for Laundrie’s arrest while they continue their search for him.

Surveillance Footage Reveals Gabby Petito in Distress Prior to Death

Prior to Petito’s death, while dining at The Merry Piglets Tex-Mex restaurant a couple claimed to have seen Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito on August 27. According to Nina Angelo and her boyfriend Matt England, Petito was in tears and Laundrie was visibly angry. Laundrie reportedly entered and exited the building several times, expressing his anger to the restaurant staff. A manager also called in the incident to the FBI on Wednesday, however, the restaurant does not have surveillance footage of the event.

Earlier in August, Utah police mediated a domestic disturbance between the two in which Petito and Laundrie got into a physical fight. According to a 911 caller, Laundrie had slapped Petito outside of their vehicle. The following surveillance footage revealed that Laundrie had scratches on his face. After speaking with both parties, the police recommended that the two spend a night apart from each other. Neither Laundrie nor Petito wanted to press charges on each other.