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Gabby Petito Doc Sheds Light on Brian Laundrie Instagram Live Mystery

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

A new documentary that recounts the harrowing murder of Gabby Petito is shedding light on some heavy rumors. While there was a lot of discussion circling the internet, experts put several of these rumors to bed. For example, the mystery about suspect Brian Laundrie accidentally sharing an Instagram Live? Completely debunked.

The documentary recently aired on Peacock to mixed reviews. The murder of Gabby Petito captivated the nation when in August, the 22-year-old hiker went missing. She and boyfriend Brian Laundrie had been traveling throughout the U.S. visiting national parks and documenting their stays. When Brian Laundire famously returned to his Florida home alone – and several weeks early, Petito’s family filed a missing person’s report. She was later found dead in Grand Teton National Park. By this time, Brian Laundrie had disappeared into Sarasota’s Carlton Reserve.

Several bizarre details came out over the course of two months following Gabby Petito’s murder. As the media frenzy grew in the case, so did web sleuths. And they pored over the couple’s social media posts, The Sun reports.

One web sleuth claimed that they captured a video of Brian Laundrie allegedly digging a hole near the part of the park where Petito’s remains were found. But the documentary seems to dismiss the video, along with speculation over Laundrie accidentally starting an Instagram Live feed, before quickly cutting it off.

Further, autopsy results from Gabby Petito concluded the girl died of strangulation. The only suspect in the case was Brian Laundrie, though both he and his parents never openly cooperated with police. The discovery of Laundrie’s body was in the Carlton Reserve in Florida on October 22.

Gabby Petito Family Thankful for Web Sleuths

However, the Petito family says they’re grateful for the help that internet researchers offered them, even if every tip wasn’t successful.

“The sleuths, the internet sleuths, they do a great job. They really do,” Gabby’s mother, Nichole Schmidt said in the documentary.

She further added of footage discovered by another road traveler:

“I watched that video of the van and had seen the door closing like probably 100 times,” she said. “I really believe that was Gabby closing the door on the van. So, I just kept watching it. I don’t know.”

Youtube star Jen Bethune was also traveling through the Wyoming park when she discovered the couple’s Ford Transit in her video footage. It was near that spot where officials located Gabby’s remains.

Petito’s stepfather also had feelings about the web sleuths.

“I always say it’s like a blessing and a curse, but in this instance, it was a blessing for us,” he said.

While the documentary explores the Petito family’s feelings, it will never be able to answer the question about how and why Gabby Petito was murdered and left in a remote part of the park.