Gabby Petito: Dog the Bounty Hunter Calls Brian Laundrie’s Social Media Posts ‘Demonic’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Jason Kempin/ACMA2013/Getty Images for ACM)

According to some people, Dog the Bounty Hunter has officially gone off the deep end. Several statements from the ex-reality star over the past week have included some rather inflammatory remarks aimed towards Brian Laundrie. For example, Dog recently contemplated the probability that Brian is, in fact, a serial killer.

One of his latest statements focuses on Laundrie’s controversial social media presence. More specifically, Dog says Brian’s posts surrounding gore and the horror genre are indicative of something “demonic.” Here’s the breakdown.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Does a Deep Dive Into Social Media

Dog the Bounty Hunter spent time earlier this week talking to Dr. Oz. Together, they tried to piece together more about Brian Laundrie’s “MO.” Like so many others, they think social media has a role in the Gabby Petito investigation that begs more attention.

“One thing Dr. Oz that I looked at and we all looked at, is that he has Instagram posts,” said Dog, according to The Sun. “Now if you look at them, there are pictures of what I would call demonic-looking things. Some of the books that he has read are very, very dark. I mean this kid was not in a very good state of mind before and after this happened.”

This comes in reference to posts seeming to depict blood, knives, and ferocious-looking beasts. Brian’s self-proclaimed admiration of Charles Michael “Chuck” Palahniuk also draws attention. Whether his Instagram or Pinterest presence actually means anything, Dog the Bounty Hunter is not a licensed mental health professional. Actually, he bears no legal status or certification related to bounty hunting either.

He says of the ongoing search for Brian Laundrie:

“Let’s get him alive and let him go to trial in Wyoming and let’s get this over with. Cause if not, they might be attending another funeral.”

The Search Seems to Stall

As of the morning of Saturday, October 9th, there are no breaking updates regarding the search for Brian Laundrie to report. Twitter has not heard from Dog the Bounty Hunter, North Port Police, or the FBI in days. Dog’s daughter, Lyssa, initially tweeted a tease of some big news to be released soon. However, the tweet only stayed up for a little while before she deleted it.

Initial reports of campsite findings also seemed promising at first, but these have since been debunked. There’s still really no telling where Brian Laundrie is. He could be in the Carlton Reserve, although this feels less and less likely to the public with every passing day. He could also be in the De Soto area of Dog’s search, though this hasn’t shown any promise either. The FBI’s confirmed meeting with the Appalachian Trail hiker might shed some light soon, though all intel gathered from that meeting also remains in limbo ahead of its release to the public.

As far as the Petito family goes, they will be hosting their first official fundraiser soon.