Gabby Petito: Dog the Bounty Hunter Criticized For Potentially Hindering Case

by Shelby Scott

The investigation surrounding the death of Gabby Petito and the disappearance of Brian Laundrie now ensues into October. As such, Dog the Bounty Hunter (Duane Chapmam) joined the hunt several days ago. Upon announcing his involvement, the media initially saw enthusiasm from fans across the nation.

Quickly, however, excitement and drama about Dog’s involvement in the search died. Now, certain individuals worry the famous bounty hunter’s separate investigation could potentially hinder law enforcement’s ongoing case.

A few days ago, Chapman announced he and his crew would probably have Brian Laundrie caught within 48 hours. Since the announcement was made, more than the allotted time has passed. Potentially, it has also instigated the onslaught of negative commentary surrounding the bounty hunter’s involvement.

More recently, the bounty hunter publicly announced a lead received via his tip line pointing to Fort De Soto Park. Apparently, Laundrie had previously gone camping there with his parents in September. However, law enforcement officials reportedly believe the lead isn’t worth pursuing. Further, the Pinella County Sheriff’s Office stated no credible sightings were reported in the area.

Former FBI Special Agent Dr. Bryanna Fox further highlighted the potential problems Chapman’s involvement in the case could create. She stated that the “big issue with somebody who is such a high-profile person, such as a reality TV figure, injecting themselves is everything they learn now is public.”

She added that useful and crucial information provided to legal agencies enables those individuals to maintain the case’s integrity.

The Internet Condemns Bounty Hunter Involvement with Gabby Petito Case

Redditors and other social media critics have sided with law enforcement. They further emphasize Dog the Bounty Hunter’s potential hindrance to the Gabby Petito case. Fox explained that when and if law enforcement catches Brian Laundrie, “there are some details that only law enforcement knows.”

In this way, it could give investigators a jump on the fugitive.

Users on Reddit were much more openly critical of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s involvement with the investigation and ongoing manhunt. One user instigated a conversational debate on the platform, posing, “Dog the Bounty Hunter shows up unexpectedly at Laundrie home. Serious discussion – how can this help? How can this hurt?”

The Reddit user then provided a list of reasons detailing how Chapman’s involvement could hinder law enforcement’s investigation.

They pointed out the likelihood that the bounty hunter has no additional useful information that the FBI hasn’t already collected. They also highlighted the disadvantage of splitting tip lines as well as the bounty hunter’s potential mishandling of crucial information. And finally, they highlighted the overall “sliminess” in Chapman’s perceived belief that the Laundries will simply invite him over and point out their son’s location on a map.

Others pointed out his involvement in the Brian Laundrie manhunt is self-motivated, a kind of publicity stunt. TikTok user Matthew Drake Swann shared a scathing statement surrounding the bounty hunter on the platform. Swann stated, “Dog the Bounty Hunter is just trying to save his career and turning this into a joke.”

So, we can’t be sure of the bounty hunter’s reasons for joining in on the manhunt so enthusiastically. However, we can be sure that law enforcement and numerous other Americans remain highly critical.