Gabby Petito: Dog the Bounty Hunter Slams Critics Believing He’s Just After Publicity

by Kati Michelle

With the high publicity surrounding the Gabby Petito case, the public seems to be split on its handling. This is especially the case with the addition of Dog the Bounty Hunter to the search for Brian Laundrie. In the initial days of his search, Dog and the rest of his team didn’t say much.

However, rumors started flowing and Dog took to Instagram a few days later to clear some things up. This seemed to appease some fans while fueling the flames of more critics. Just Thursday, critics forced his hand at another statement regarding the airplane banner that so many attributed to him. Although his name is Dog, that doesn’t mean he likes being hounded. Still, this statement to the critics might be his last. Check it out below.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Doesn’t Think About Critics, Never Ever

Brian Entin is a News Nation Now correspondent that provides daily coverage in Florida outside the Laundrie family home. This, of course, marked the residence that Gabby Petito shared with Brian Laundrie and both of his parents at one point. With Brian Laundrie still on the run, and the investigation into Gabby’s homicide still ongoing, Entin wants answers like the rest of us. He recently sat down with Dog the Bounty Hunter for a brief chat. They addressed his search at the De Soto Campsite as well as all the backlash that seems to be garnered by the minute.

Throughout their talk, Dog seemed eager to stick to the facts of the investigation and search. Before letting him go, Brian Entin brought up the topic of publicity. Dog took this opportunity to defend himself.

“I don’t need the publicity,” he said. “I could do other things to get publicly besides this – this is what I do for a living, [for] 35 years.” He went on to add: “There is 3 percent of people saying bad things out of 100 percent, so I don’t look at that ever, never have.”

You can listen to their full phone conversation here:

Dog is ‘Ruthless and Relentless’ in Getting Justice for Gabby Petito

From the same interview, Dog said: “They said the same thing with so many cases: ‘he’s chasing a shooting star he’ll never catch him.” He went on to describe some of the biggest criminals he’s added to his growing list of successful bounty hunts. He also mentioned he is “ruthless and relentless.” He says this won’t end until Brian Laundrie is apprehended. Whether he will be the one to do that or the FBI and police at the Reserve, he can’t say. For now, his team stays following leads from fans. As he’s said before, capturing Brian Laundrie is a big piece of the puzzle in getting justice for Gabby Petito.