Gabby Petito: Dozens of 911 Calls Reported at Laundrie Home In Days Leading Up to Her Disappearance

by Kati Michelle

Those following the Gabby Petito case know that before her disappearance and eventual homicide, she called North Port, Florida home. Actually, she shared the yellow Laundrie family residence with Brian and his parents for a while. Eventually, Gabby and Brian set out on the road trip that would be her last. With Brian maintaining his fugitive status and his parents keeping their silence, the public remains confused. Officials have yet to release a cause of death following their homicide ruling or return the remains to the Petito family either.

Statements from lawyers, police and the FBI have been minimal. This is most likely to protect the integrity of the investigation. Still, public records seem to show more to the story than what’s being let on. Actually, the police just turned over 46 pages of records related to 911 calls about the Laundrie family home to Fox’s Digital Team. Here are your details.

A Lengthy Record of Calls Came In Before the Homicide of Gabby Petito

Between September 10th and 27th, North Port police received dozens of calls all surrounding the home of Brian Laundrie and his parents. The records for 46 of these calls are now available to the public. Not all of these calls came from bystanders or neighbors, either. Some of the calls came from other police officers themselves.

Now, there are some interesting things to note about the call logs. First of all, the North Port Police Department refused to provide any call logs prior to September 10th. This marks the day before Gabby’s mother filed the official Missing Persons Report. Also of note is the fact that many of the records are partially redacted. Now, this alone isn’t unusual. It’s common practice to redact certain types of information. However, given the circumstances of the bizarre timeline and unfolding of events, the public can’t help but wonder what that redacted information shows.

Most incidents reported got coded as “Public Service,” “Special Detail,” or “Follow Up/Investigation.” Most reports also indicated “Problem Settled.”

Will Brian Laundrie’s Parents Talk?

Regarding the question of whether or not Brian Laundrie’s parents will finally talk to the public about what they know, the Petito family lawyer finds this unlikely. Perhaps the pastor that stopped by their house will have better luck than the angry protesters with bull horns camped outside their front lawn.

The fact remains that Brian Laundrie is on the loose. The investigation faces a pretty big roadblock because of that fact. Dog the Bounty Hunter continues his reconnaissance at Florida’s De Soto Campgrounds while North Port police are joined by the FBI in the ongoing Carlton Reserve search. Still, the media’s coverage of Gabby Petito’s case has led to illuminating multiple other cases as well.