Gabby Petito’s Family Reportedly Contacted Police Day Before She Was Reported Missing

by Clayton Edwards

Gabby Petito’s parents officially reported her missing on September 11th. That sparked the search for her as well as her boyfriend Brian Laundrie. Days later, authorities located Gabby’s body and named Brian as a person of interest in her case. Since then, the hunt for Laundrie and justice for Gabby have gripped the nation. Recent evidence shows that the Petito family contacted police in relation to her disappearance a day before she was officially reported as missing.

According to WFLA, a Florida-based NBC affiliate, Gabby Petito’s family contacted North Port, Florida police on September 10th. They hoped to file a missing person report on her through their local law enforcement. However, due to Florida law and North Port PD policy, they couldn’t. Instead, they had to file the report in Gabby’s last known location. As a result, they filed a report in New York the next day.

Additionally, incident reports show that police in North Port received three calls connected to the Laundrie residence on 9/11. On that day, police arrived at Laundrie’s home and took Gabby’s van.

So, the search for Gabby Petito could have started a day earlier. There is no way of knowing how much that would have changed things. As it stands, most people are certain Gabby was dead almost two weeks before her family reported her missing. At the same time, Brian Laundrie is still in hiding. We’ll never know if that extra day would have made a difference in his apprehension.

The Hunt for Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend and Potential Killer Continues

Brain Laundrie went “missing,” six days after Gabby Petito’s family filed the report. Since then, local and federal authorities have been looking for him. At the same time, the public is watching for him. Additionally, John Walsh and Dog the Bounty Hunter are hoping to help locate the fugitive.

Most of the hunt for Gabby Petito’s potential killer took place in Carlton Reserve. He claimed to be heading there before he vanished. As a result, authorities have spent hours searching the gator-infested swampland for Laundrie. However, they’ve scaled back their efforts. Currently, the FBI is in charge of the hunt.

Instead of throwing money and man-hours at Carlton Reserve, the FBI plans to take a different approach. Their search will be targeted and “based on intelligence,” they receive from tipsters and other investigative methods.

Former FBI agent Bryanna Fox talked to WFLA. She told them why the FBI isn’t sharing any details about their search with the public. It’s simple, really, they don’t want to tip off their only person of interest in Gabby Petito’s murder. “If they were to say we have reason to believe that Brian is located in a specific area and he sees that, it is easier for him to change his location. So, for them to be able to be most effective at what they do, they have to keep information held back.”