Gabby Petito Family Friend Opens Up About Picking Special Ribbon for Her Candlelight Vigil

by Kati Michelle

At the end of the day, regardless of the number of eyes on the Gabby Petito investigation, the family is mourning their heavy loss. Her father continues to stay vocal about how the public can best support their family at this time. After opening their Memorial Visitation Service to the public, they also announced the upcoming creation of the Future Gabby Petito Fund.

Friends are just as active in remembering “America’s Daughter” with a variety of heartfelt tributes. A butterfly release set for Saturday pays tribute to the last Instagram photo posted from Gabby Petito’s account. A family friend is also heading a special ribbon tribute to pair with a candlelight vigil for the late “van life” blogger. Details on that below:

A Family Friend’s Heartfelt Tribute to Gabby Petito

Jennifer McNamara, age 54, is a close family friend of the Petitos. They connected in Blue Point, New York– the hometown of Gabby Petito. She knew she wanted to make her tribute for Gabby special and talked to The Sun about some personal details that helped her accomplish just that. At the end of the day, the blue color of the ribbon holds special significance:

“Her eyes, she had these incredibly blue sparkly eyes, her mother described them as like a teal color. When we bought the ribbons, we had to buy turquoise because the teal was a little more green than blue. So it took us quite a bit of poking around to find the right color, but that’s what it’s meant to represent.”

Ms. McNamara also went on to detail her relationship with the family. Her husband was a 9/11 first-responder who worked with Gabby’s stepfather Jimmy Schmidt at the same fire station at one point. Unfortunately, cancer took her husband some time ago.

“I’ve been friendly with Nicole for many years as well,” she said while talking about Gabby’s mom.

Ms. McNamara also disclosed that Gabby regularly babysat her Gabby 14-year-old son Jack. Her son often described Gabby Petito as a generally bubbly person and “someone living with rainbows.”

Blue Point New York Comes Together

In light of the tragic news of Gabby Petito’s homicide, Ms. McNamara felt urged to do something. She says she understands why others feel the same.

“People want to jump into action they want to do something and we felt that showing support in a very grand way throughout the entire community would be a wonderful thing to do.”

She also went on to detail the response of their tight-knit community.

“This is a community that grieves together. They do everything together. It’s a very tight-knit community and I know that everyone here is grieving, you know, for Gabby and for what’s happened, and what her family is going through, and so we just want to show support.”