Gabby Petito’s Father Asks for Donations to the Future Gabby Petito Foundation in Lieu of Flowers

by Shelby Scott

Gabby Petito’s death and preceding investigation have gained national, even international, attention. Following the confirmation of her death after her autopsy earlier this week, memorials have sprung up in numerous locations. These include areas in North Port, Florida, which was her last permanent residence, and elsewhere across the country. Now, the family prepares to bury their oldest child, one of six and only 22 years old. As such, Petito’s father requests the public submit donations rather than sending flowers.

Gabby’s father, Joseph Petito, shared in a Tweet earlier this afternoon an angelic depiction of his beloved daughter. In it, Gabby’s blonde hair falls gently over her shoulders and her dotted skirt billows around her ankles.

Above the photo, the young woman’s father writes, “In lieu of flowers for the service, please send donations for the Future Gabby Petito Foundation.”

He shares links via the Johnny Mac Foundation and a link for Paypal. Both of which will help he and the family cover the cost of services and such for young Gabby.

Check out the links in the Tweet for further information.

Gabby Petito’s Memorial Service Officially Open to the Public

The nation has followed Gabby Petito’s case and the manhunt pursuing the 22-year-old’s wanted boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, for weeks it seems. Additionally, mourners have arisen throughout the United States. Following the announcement of the Petito family’s memorial service for their oldest daughter, they further shared that Sunday’s service will be open to the public.

News Nation Now shared with followers of Gabby’s case the time and location of the young woman’s memorial service. For Outsiders interested in showing Gabby’s family support, the service takes place September 26th from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Holbrook, New York. Specifics can be found in the Tweet below.

However, Gabby Petito’s private ceremony takes place later tonight in Long Island, NY. While mourners may not attend the private ceremony, the Petito family has nevertheless encouraged supporters to show their love for the young woman. In a creative and unified way, the family asked that those interested in participating in the ceremony leave a lit candle at the end of their driveway at 7 p.m.

The sweet initiative is called Shine a Light for Gabby. Additionally, friends of Gabby plan to release butterflies in their own memorial on Saturday evening. Additional memorials and services have been and continue to take place throughout the country.