Gabby Petito’s Father Receives Outpouring of Support After Posting Heartbreaking Photo

by Jon D. B.

“She touched the world.” Gabby Petito’s luminous smile and rainbow wings continue to bring in support over her heartbreaking case.

Her tragedy is felt the world over. Too many young women of all backgrounds fall victim to scenarios similar to Gabby Petito. But none will feel this loss like the parents of Gabby.

At 5:21 PM US Central time on Sunday, September 19, Joseph Petito – Gabby’s Father – shared the following image to Twitter. Within, a heartbreak emoji and the caption “She touched the world” came minutes after the FBI’s press conference stating their findings in the Bridger-Teton National Forest: a body that could be Gabby’s.

We still don’t have official confirmation on identity. Within minutes, however, countless supporters would offer their condolences and support. But it is those expressing their feelings of grief over the loss of the “endlessly bright” 22-year-old woman that hit hardest.

One comment, in particular, has garnered thousands of likes and retweets, as it perfectly sums up the feelings of those mourning Gabby Petito’s case:

“I’m so sorry for your loss. She’s every girl, every woman who’s felt the fear. Who knew it was bad but not how much, who didn’t feel safe but still had hope, who cried pain away thinking things have to get better. She lives on in every girl & every woman, as strength, light & love,” posts Twitter account InspiritedSelf, also a mother to a daughter much like Gabby.

The mother’s gut-wrenching words also come in response to Russel Drew’s reply to Joseph Petito’s tweet Sunday:

“Heartbreaking news. I know all of America was rooting for the safe and miraculous return of Gabby Petito. That body cam video from police told a very sad story,” Drew begins.

“She was in danger. It was a cry for help. Her fiancé is also guilty AF. Disappeared. Went silent,” he continues. “Justice for Gabby.”

Gabby Petito’s ‘Light’ Sparks Countless Tributes, Mourning Across the World

While we still don’t know the full details of Gabby’s case, for many – the writing is on the wall.

In addition, Robyn Raid replies with her own story she feels heartbreakingly similar to Petito’s. Yet she survived at the very same age.

“Heartbreaking. She’s such a beautiful soul! 15 years ago at age 22 I was also in an abusive narcissistic relationship, I saw it in the body cam video immediately. Gabby will help countless DV victims & save lives, she has shined a bright light on the world. God bless you & your family,” posts Raid.

Another touching, fitting tribute comes from fellow American Jake on Twitter, as well:

Jayne echoes the sentiments above, also including one of the many photos of Gabby Petito’s infectous smile within:

“I am so sorry for your loss. The entire nation stands behind you & your family during this horrific time,” adds William LeGate to the thousands of replies.

Meanwhile, a memorial in Gabby’s last place of residence is currently growing to enormous size. Justice for Gabby Petito.