Gabby Petito’s Father Releases Heartbreaking Photo After Her Body Was Potentially Found in Wyoming: ‘She Touched the World’

by Jon D. B.

Wings spread and smiling wide, father Joseph Petito shares a beautiful image of Gabby Petito in life amidst the FBI’s heartbreaking Sunday findings.

At 5:21 PM US Central time, Joseph Petito shared the following image to Twitter. Within, a heartbreak emoji and the caption “She touched the world” came minutes after the FBI’s press conference stating their findings.

Minutes earlier on Sunday, Sept. 19, FBI and Grand Teton National Park officials told the world that a body had been found in the park in Moran Vista camping area. Authorities would search all park campgrounds throughout Sunday, with Moran Vista holding a body they believe to be Gabby Petito‘s.

On Twitter, condolences, hurt, outrage, and everything in-between continue to pour out Sunday.

“America grieves with you. So very sorry for your loss,” offers Les Lemery.

“Heartbreaking news. I know all of America was rooting for the safe and miraculous return of Gabby Petito. That body cam video from police told a very sad story. She was in danger. It was a cry for help. Her fiancé is guilty AF. Disappeared. Went silent,” replies Russel Drew, adding “Justice for Gabby.”

“No I will not accept this. I felt this story so much when I went out with my ex to Montana Wyoming. And this is not acceptable,” comments Austin Amos. “I’m crying I’m hurt and I’m angry. I can’t believe this and I wish I would have got to met you. I’m praying and crying with you, Joe.”

Like so many of us, follower Jade Nicolle says she has been “following this story since it became public, I would wake up in the middle of the night at 4am and check the updates. I am so sorry to you and your entire family,” she echoes.

Body Found in Grant Teton Expected to be Gabby Petito

The FBI has since released their full statement on the body found in Grand Teton National Park Sunday. Within, they send their “condolences” to the family of Gabby Petito. As a result, the public and press are taking this as “light confirmation” that the body is expected to produce a positive ID as Gabby.

“First and foremost, I would like to extend sincere and heartfelt condolences to Gabby’s family,” offers an emotional Charles Jones, supervisory senior resident agent with the FBI office in Denver.

Authorities confirm that the body found in Grant Teton National Park Sunday is not only “consistent with the description” of Gabby Petito, but it is “likely” to be her in Jones’ press conference.

“Earlier today, human remains were discovered consistent with the description of Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito. Full forensics identification has not been completed to confirm 100 percent that we found Gabby, but her family has been notified of this discovery,” Jones would clarify.

“The cause of death,” however, “has not been determined at this time.”

The FBI’s Denver branch has since shared a recording of Jones’ briefing alongside their full report. You can view and read both in full here.

Gabby Petito’s fiancé, Brian Laundrie, remains “missing” in Florida’s Carlton Reserve. Laundrie would leave his home for the wilderness after a week of no cooperation with authorities. He remains a person of interest in the case.