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Gabby Petito: Florida Man Opens Up About Why He Organized Protest Outside of Laundrie Home

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

22-year-old vlogger Gabby Petito’s death has sparked grief and anger across the United States. Authorities found the young woman’s body around mid-September and have since uncovered her official cause of death. Now, law enforcement faces pressure to find and apprehend wanted fugitive, Brian Laundrie, the only person of interest identified in the Gabby Petito investigation so far.

Now, since the American public has found out that Petito met death through strangulation, protestors and mourners have begun to retaliate against Laundrie’s parents. Most recently, one Florida man opened up about why he organized a protest outside the Laundrie home.

In a statement to Fox News, St. Petersburg, Florida resident Tom Topps said, “I hope that we shine a light on this the same way a light was shone on domestic violence back in the O.J. Simpson case.”

Footage from Topp’s protest can be viewed below, with attendants chanting, “Justice for Gabby.”

As to Topp’s reasoning for staging the protests’ location outside the Laundrie home, he said, “I want to send a message to them.”

However, Topp’s organized protest is only the most recent in a string to follow a collection of earlier protests. Laundrie’s parents have previously returned home to protestors accusing them of being murderers. “What were you thinking, helping your son?” demands one previous protestor.

Additionally, other protestors have gone to even further extremes. Footage from earlier this month captured a banner reading “Justice 4 Gabby” flying high above the Laundrie home.

Potential Sealed Indictment Has Already Identified Gabby Petito’s Murderer

Following the announcement of Gabby Petito’s cause of death by strangulation, public fury intensified. However, it further confirmed the suspicions of several professionals who suggested the young woman died of asphyxiation. Salt Lake City investigator, Jason Jenson, shared with outlets several unidentified signs of domestic abuse during August’s 911 call. Based on bodycam footage from the call on Petito and Laundrie, he saw signs of potential strangulation early on.

He previously shared that her non-verbal behaviors during the call reveal underlying domestic violence problems. “I wouldn’t be surprised that it’s manual strangulation” and “I wouldn’t be surprised if [Laundrie’s] choked her before.” Signs of the act lie in the way Petito lowered her chin to her chest to prevent an assaulting hand from grabbing her throat.

Further, an ex-FBI agent believes authorities have privately identified Petito’s murderer already. The statement followed the announcement of the woman’s cause of death. The former FBI agent, Stuart Kaplan shared the reuniting of Petito’s family over her body reveals action within the investigation hidden from the public.

Alongside Kaplan, several professionals agree that the Petito investigation accompanying the Brian Laundrie manhunt has actually proceeded at a much more rapid pace than believed.

Additionally, the former FBI agent believes authorities have already identified Gabby Petito’s murderer. He further stated they would continue to keep those findings quiet for the moment. Specifically, he said, “I would bet…there is now a sealed indictment for the apprehension for the person who is responsible for the death of Gabby Petito.”