Gabby Petito: Former FBI Agent Promises Brian Laundrie Will be Found Alive

by Kati Michelle

With no confirmed sights of Brian Laundrie yet, the search for him continues. Meanwhile, the investigation into Gabby Petito’s homicide rages on behind the scenes. Several updates rolled in within the past 48 hours. The Laundrie family attorney first made a statement regarding Brian’s purchase of a new cell phone, confirming that this did happen. The FBI also paid the family another visit, this time reportedly removing evidence from their camper. Shortly after, new bodycam footage from the Utah altercation started to surface.

In other updates, Dog the Bounty Hunter let it be known that his search isn’t slowing down anytime soon. He also responded to both the Aloha banner and critics at large. His presence remains volatile in a chunk of the public’s eye. They say they’d rather hear from “experts.” Well, another former FBI Agent just joined that conversation. Here’s what she thinks about the search for Brian Laundrie.

Former FBI Agent Says of Laundrie Search: ‘I Think It’s Getting to The End’

Former FBI Agent Maureen O’Connell sat down with Neil Cavuto for the “Your World” special on Thursday. She seems to echo a lot of the public’s sentiments saying the following: “This whole case is filled with one wild goose chase after another.”

When asked where she thinks the investigation is going, however, she gave some hopeful insight.

“I think it’s getting to the end.” She then expanded on that statement. “I have a feeling that [Laundrie] is going to be found, and he is going to be found alive. All the information that’s been coming in for weeks now, as you layer it upon itself, you can start to see all these things coming to fruition.”

She then tackled the response of Brian Laundrie’s parents in the case.

“For example, now they’re starting to really piece together the activities of the parents. When you look at what was done, and what wasn’t done, when you look at the timing of that, you can find the point where they decided they were going to 100% support their son and not support the Petito family or Gabby [Petito].”

Other Experts Chime in on the Gabby Petito Case

If you’re as invested in the Gabby Petito case as the rest of the country, but want to hear from more experts, we’ve got you covered. You can hear from an Ex-US Marshal that describes how big of a danger Brian Laundrie is here. Other experts that have spoken up about the case include criminal profilers, Florida cowboys, and Victim Rights Advocates.

If you happened to miss it, you can also get caught up with the Petito family from their latest press conference here.

As it stands, autopsy results containing Gabby’s cause of death remain behind closed doors. Moreover, neither the FBI’s search at Carlton nor Dog’s search at the Campsite have released any definitive evidence relaying Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts. In a case as high profile as this one, though, things could all change at any moment.