Gabby Petito’s Memorial ‘Dishonored’ After Monster Can and Laundry Basket Left There

by Matthew Memrick

A ‘Dirty Laundrie’ sign and laundry basket left at a Gabby Petito memorial outside the Florida house of her boyfriend’s family has stirred angry feelings among social media users.

The basket sticks out as flowers, photos, and condolences to the late New York woman sit outside the North Port, Fla.-house.

Bleach, detergent, and a sign that reads “Dirty Laundrie come clean” were placed in the white basket, along with a Monster Energy Drink can. The can refers to “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Duane Chapman’s search in Fort De Soto Park.

There is also a more prominent Gabby Petito memorial at the nearby North Port City Hall. 

Twitter Stirred Up By Post

Fox reporter Michael Ruiz shared a photo of the basket on Twitter, and many responded, claiming the basket display was “distasteful.” Later, Ruiz deleted the post. However, many sites picked up the image beforehand, as seen below.

A pumpkin also sits with the Gabby Petito memorial items, along with yellow crime scene tape.

According to The Sun, Twitter user @Sophie_bea_ asks Ruiz to take down the post, claiming his photo “encourages this behavior.”

“That basket does not belong at a Gabby memorial. Gross,” the Twitter user also posts.

Another post suggested the basket closer to the family’s house.

Twitter user @Tenisha2704 said, “I feel like it should be at the front door, not near Gabby’s memorial.”

Another user added the Laundrie family could just remove the whole memorial if individuals do stupid things like this.

“Hopefully, they don’t ruin a good thing,” Twitter user @QaisK said.

The memorial and Laundrie home has received protests and rising tension over the past few days, including one skirmish that ended in an almost physical fight.

One Protest For Gabby Petito

Tampa resident and Gabby Petito family friend John Riches protested with a woman outside the home at the end of September.

A neighbor challenged the couple, asking the man to leave the street. The interaction led to both parties getting very close. According to The Sun, Riches tried to film the incident. The neighbor attempted to swat at his phone, and the protester walked away from the scene. Both sides shouted at each other.

“We remind the parents that the spotlight is on them,” Riches said. “They need to come forward, cooperate with authorities and let them know what they know.”

On Friday, Oct. 1, the family’s attorney issued a statement, saying they believe their 23-year-old son is still in Florida.

“They are concerned, but hopeful that he is found alive,” family attorney Steve Bertolino said.

Gabby Petito was a 22-year-old hiker who disappeared during a cross-country road trip that started in July. Her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, was with her. 

Sometime between then and Sept. 1, the couple separated. Laundrie returned to his parents’ house in Florida in their white Ford converted camper van alone. That month, Wyoming searchers found Petito’s remains in a Wyoming forest. The boyfriend has gone missing, with authorities and Chapman actively searching for him.