Gabby Petito: Police Receive New Tips About Brian Laundrie Potentially Hiding on Appalachian Trail

by Amy Myers

Witnesses from all over the country have reported sightings of Brian Laundrie within the past two weeks, and now, callers have added the Appalachian Trail to the list of possible locations. Earlier this week, North Carolina authorities received at least a half dozen reports of someone matching Laundrie’s description on the trail. This new information comes after Duan “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman’s daughter, Lyssa, urged North Carolina residents to check trail and hunting cameras that captured the Appalachian Trail. Previous reports also indicated that Laundrie once lived on the trail for months on his own.

Since the new focus on the North Carolina portion of the Appalachian trail, locals and hikers have taken to social media to share their potential sightings of Brian Laundrie. One area receiving a particularly alarming amount of reports is the city of Boone.

North Carolina authorities have since begun checking into these tips, although, some have already proved to be dead ends. According to New York Post, Watauga County police pulled over a vehicle mentioned in a tip. However, this did not lead to any new information.

“We have been monitoring social media for alleged sightings or information of Brian Laundrie being in this area,” Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman told Watauga Democrat. “But nothing has been verified.”

As North Carolina officials continue to receive new tips regarding the potential location, they’ll prioritize those that seem more “legitimate” than others.

“We actually had a conversation with the FBI this morning,” Hagaman said. “If there’s something legitimate, we’ll check it out. And if there’s something more to it, then the FBI will be contacted — but not on every call.” 

Internet Sleuths Devise New Theory for Brian Laundrie’s Location

Since the manhunt for Brian Laundrie first began, case followers are confident that the fugitive is in the wilderness. Previously, friends of Gabby Petito commented on Laundrie’s wilderness and survival skills. However, after searching the Carlton Reserve and now Appalachian Trail, internet sleuths have come up with a new theory.

In response to Lyssa Chapman’s recent tweet, one user conducted an investigation into Brian Laundrie’s family history. According to the sleuth’s findings, Laundrie allegedly has a grandmother who lives in Cary, North Carolina. The user then implied that the fugitive’s family created the hiking narrative to arrange for his escape.

“Looked up the family in a background check app. Found the grandmother lives in Cary, NC in a big house on a preserve. I think there’s a strong chance the camping trip was to plot his escape,” the user wrote. “There is an airport on the east side of the preserve they are searching. What if they got him flown out to the grandmother. That’s the only person I can imagine harboring a family member.”