Gabby Petito: Police Reportedly Confiscate Mysterious Letters from Laundrie’s Neighbors

by Kati Michelle

The details surrounding the Gabby Petito investigation are enough to make anyone’s head spin and heartache collectively. The list of questions continues to grow while the list of answers doesn’t really seem to budge. Neither the FBI nor the Wyoming or Florida police has pressed any charges. Moreover, they have yet to name an official suspect in the aftermath of the slain van life vlogger’s autopsy results. As it stands, Brian Laundrie is a person of interest and fugitive, only legally wanted for charges of card fraud. Brian Laundrie remains at large while his parents and neighbors find themselves under 24/7 watch and public scrutiny.

Recently, a new family moved to the area, seemingly unbothered by their new set up as one of the Laundrie’s neighbors. They might change their minds as the pressure over the neighborhood doesn’t seem to let up. Most recently, police reportedly returned to the area to investigate mysterious letters postmarked to the whole of the Laundrie’s street. Details below.

Laundrie’s Neighbors Continue to be Roped Into the Chaos

News Nation Now correspondent Brian Entin reported from the scene of the Laundrie’s neighborhood confirming the police presence and their investigation into the letters. He was not able to gather much more information about the content of the letters from his own investigation.

Later, though, one of the neighbors reached out to Daily Mail to discuss what they experienced. They asked to remain anonymous but shared that the whole street got similar letters addressed to them in the mail. The letters all seemed to include a $20 bill and a note attached. The note reportedly asked neighbors to use the money to “feed the media” and “thank them.” There was no word on their origin or sender.

The outlet reports that the North Port Police Department asked all neighbors who received such mail to hand it over to them for further investigation. They also allegedly asked recipients to sign a Property Receipt coding the event as a “Suspicious Incident.”

Photos of the police reports from the incident show October 12th as the date of their confiscation.

No Comment

Brian Laundrie’s father decidedly continued his streak of ignoring reporters and neighbors as he mowed the lawn this week. His family attorney made another statement on his, Roberta’s, and Brian’s behalf following the updated autopsy results of Gabby Petito’s homicide. Immediate criticism met the lawyer’s statement, and even Gabby’s mother chimed in. She called the man’s words “garbage” and taunted him with “keep talking.”

As far as updates to the search for Brian Laundrie go, Dog the Bounty Hunter is now trying to secure a meeting with Brian’s sister, Cassie. Meanwhile, a K-9 forensics unit reportedly just showed up to the Venice side of the Carlton Reserve to continue their search as of this morning, October 14th.