Gabby Petito: Protesters Stand Outside Laundrie Residence, Urge Parents to Reveal Brian’s Location

by Shelby Scott

22-year-old adventurist Gabby Petito’s funeral took place yesterday. In response, a nation of mourners remains anxious to know the facts of her disappearance and proceeding death. Now, as authorities have officially expanded their search outside of Florida’s massive Carlton Reserve for fugitive Brian Laundrie in connection to her death, Americans have become increasingly frustrated.

The latest Laundrie household updates show protestors outside of the wanted man’s home. Angry individuals urge his parents to reveal the 23-year-old’s location.

Nationally and internationally, reports have come in regarding potential Laundrie sightings, yet none have led to any true leads. Regardless, the clip demonstrates some of the suspicions Americans have shared over the last several weeks. Many surround both Brian Laundrie’s disappearance as well as his parents. Most notably, the leather-vested man states, “Your silence is guilt.”

The statement has not proven true yet. Though, it nevertheless appears suspicious the Laundries have fought so hard to maintain their silence.

At one point, the Laundries had even prepared a press conference to make their own statement. Unsurprisingly, they canceled a short time later. The action has Americans further positing Laundrie’s direct involvement in the young woman’s death. That is, in addition to the man’s parents’ involvement with those actions.

Mourner Implore Brian Laundrie to Turn Himself In

Protestors have taken a pretty offensive position in urging Laundrie’s parents to speak up. On the other hand, mourners of Gabby Petito used emotional language and reasonable facts to implore Laundrie to reveal himself.

In gathering to commemorate Gabby’s life, North Port Florida residents used moments from their candlelight vigil to try and reason with Laundrie. That is, assuming he is receiving news concerning his manhunt.

One mourner, 55-year-old Phillip Krum, emphasized reasonable speculation to try and encourage the wanted fugitive to turn himself in. He stated, “Brian Laundrie is innocent until proven guilty but let’s hope he’s man enough to come forward and explain what happened. He can end all this suffering.”

The North Point resident more directly stated, “Step up and be a man Brian, would that really be so hard? If he’s innocent, it shouldn’t be difficult at all.” Together, he and other mourners concluded the vigil with the chant, “Justice for Gabby.” Krum’s statement was met with thunderous applause, attendants referring to Petito as “America’s daughter” and later singing along to the iconic song, “Amazing Grace.”

Meanwhile, investigators expand their search for the wanted fugitive up the United States East Coast.