Gabby Petito Remembered in Heartwarming New Mural: ‘She Touched the World’

by Kati Michelle

Gabby Petito’s family, biological and step-alike, have only just begun to process and grieve their daughter’s loss. Actually, they all just made their way to Wyoming together, reportedly to finally be reunited with Gabby’s remains. Both her mother and step-mom just posed for this photo together while her father shared these words with a photo of his own from the Grand Teton Park where she was discovered weeks prior in the aftermath of her homicide.

Though Brian Laundrie’s parents have yet to speak on the matter, their neighbors and community refuse to let up. Photos and videos from the North Port suburb show signs placed in their yard with Gabby’s image asking “Remember Me?” This community is also in the midst of grieving, because Gabby Petito, too, called this community home at one point. Now, a new mural popped up about 2 hours north of the Laundrie home that Gabby used to share. It’s a heartwarming tribute to the slain “van life” vlogger who “touched the world.”

Gabby Petito’s Family Thanks the Artist Behind the Mural

The new mural:

The New Port Richey mural in Florida comes from Bay Area artist Adonis Hunter. A talented painter in the area, he spends most of his time working on similar projects at his business.

“I did it for her parents,” Adonis says. “I have a 20-year-old son. And I can’t imagine anything like that happening. I can’t imagine losing my son like that. It really was a connection with the world.”

Of all the attention, he also says: “It’s just morphed into this thing that people want to see. Which is really cool.”

Upon seeing the work, Gabby Petito’s step-father, Jim Schmidt, offered up his words of thanks, as you can see above: “Thank you to the artist for making such a beautiful tribute to our daughter.” He then tagged the rest of the family along with the Foundation they created in their daughter’s name.

In response, Adonis had the following to say: “So that was pretty cool. For them to know that I’m grieving with them… Someone mentioned that it’s helping them. And I thought that’s cool. It is helping other people as well. I’m leaving it for a little bit.” The last bit is in reference to the fact that the painter usually changes his murals several times a week.

For those in the area, the mural finds its home at the intersection of U.S. 19 and Trouble Creek Road in New Port Richey.